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Stefan made hot smoked salmon with German potato salad and is serving it with champagne for no particular reason. John made beef egg drop soup with caramelized pineapple. Stephanie likes the beef and pineapple together. Brooke, coming off two wins in a row, made bacon roasted yams with bacon, onion, and apple salad. Padma asks if the onion is cooked, and Brooke says that she cooked half. Padma is not a fan of the raw onion, so I don't think Brooke will be making it three in a row.

Josh made roasted chicken with potatoes, poblano, tomatillo, and carrots. It kind of looks like when I throw a bunch of stuff in a foil packet and put it on the grill. Stephanie likes the heat. Kristen made almond and chocolate sponge cake, which is so totally different than anything anyone else made, if it's halfway decent, I think she'll get the win. Stephanie says that the cake's texture is light and moist.

Bart made beer-poached cod with butter beer sauce. It really looks like fish swimming in butter, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but probably not refined enough for this show. Sheldon made lemongrass smoked scallops with tomato shallot salad. Stephanie and Padma like the smokiness.

Stephanie starts with her least favorite dishes. She liked Brooke's bacon but the dish as a whole was underseasoned, and Micah's lamb was undercooked. See? Why is Micah cocky? He has yet to produce something praise-worthy and has actually gotten dinged a number of times. Anyway, Josh is also on the bottom because his dish was uninspired. Stephanie moves on to talk about the best dishes, and she names six people: Sheldon, Kristen, Josie, Stefan, Bart, and Danyele. I was very confused about why she named so many people, when they usually only name three, but it will become clear in a moment. Anyway, out of the group, Stephanie especially liked Danyele's soup, Kristen's sponge cake, and Sheldon's scallops. Stephanie picked the person who used the foil creatively and made a dish that could have taken hours: Kristen. So she has immunity, and mad respect from me. Can you imagine making a cake using ingredients you can't see ahead of time and tin foil?

Padma introduces the Elimination Challenge, which will involve cooking with berries, and they'll be cooking head-to-head. They all chuckle ruefully. Josh compares it to a wrestling match, which it's not like at all except that you're competing against one other person. Kristen will be cooking alone, but she can still win the whole thing. The top five (that's why Stephanie chose six people) will get to choose one person from the bottom five to compete against. Sheldon chooses Micah because he thinks Micah is tough competition. Danyele chooses Josh so they can have a Texas-Oklahoma battle. Stefan chooses John because he's old, I guess? Josie chooses Lizzie, and Lizzie is a little bummed because she thinks Josie considers her a pushover. And Bart gets Brooke, as Brooke interviews that this is a huge compliment because no one wanted to go against her. Well, sure. She won the last two challenges prior to today. Would you want to go against her?

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