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Padma explains that the guests at the festival will choose the winner from each pairing, and then the judge will choose who wins and loses the whole thing. They'll only have three hours to prepare all their food, and each pair is randomly assigned a berry. And then we get a shopping sequence! Not that I'm super excited about it, but we haven't seen many this season. Sheldon buys all the fresh tuna, but Stefan wanted to make sashimi with it. Stefan ends up buying frozen tuna, and John thinks that's a huge mistake.

Later, back at their loft, they are discussing dinner and John makes a crack about Stefan using frozen fish. Stefan and John banter about which of them will win. Stefan and Kristen are also snuggling on the couch, for whatever that's worth.

The next day, the cheftestants head for Remlinger Farms for the Berry Festival. They're all impressed by how beautiful the farm is. Everyone sprints to the makeshift kitchen, and Danyele gets snippy because there's not enough table space, and she can't even set down her cutting board.

A farmer drives up on a tractor, pulling a wagon filled with fresh berries. The cheftestants run over and grab their ingredients. Lizzie and Josie have raspberries. Lizzie wants to emphasize how feminine and delicate the raspberries are, so she's using pork and cabbage? Not really what I would consider delicate, feminine ingredients. Josie, on the other hand, is making a Raspberry Rock'N'Roll, with raspberry aioli and raspberry wasabi. That all sounds disgusting, and also like something Guy Fieri would make, right down to the name. What about raspberries makes you think of wasabi? Or that they should be combined with mayonnaise? There's so much wrong with this dish from the start.

Bart runs around looking for a blender and can't find one. He sees that John has one that he's not using, but John insists he's going to need it any second so Bart can't use it. Keep in mind that Bart has his own blender pitcher or cup or whatever it's called; he just needs the base part with the motor so it would be no skin off John's back to let him use it for a second. John doesn't see it that way, and out of frustration, Bart tells him to fuck off.

John is making white gazpacho and apparently Bart asking him to use his blender has caused his whole dish to implode. Now John claims that he can't measure anything, and then when he tries to use the blender, the top flies off and gazpacho goes everywhere. I don't know how he works in a kitchen if one simple request means that he can't cook anymore. What a baby.

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