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Sheldon and Micah have strawberries. Sheldon, you may remember, bought all the fresh tuna, so he's using that. Josh and Danyele have blueberries. Josh thinks he can beat Danyele because she's been so rattled lately. Plus, she really doesn't have any space on the table and is crammed into a corner.

Kristen doesn't have an opponent but she hopes to win the whole thing anyway. She wants to win the money so she can go to Korea; she was born there but her mother never returned for her, so she was given over to the police and then adopted by an American family. Wow. That's quite a story. So, she wants to learn more about her birthplace.

Brooke and Bart have blackberries. Brooke wants to keep her streak going, and she's making chocolate pudding. The problem is that her pudding isn't setting up and her berry sauce isn't chilled, and she's kind of panicking.

Tom shows up to chat with everyone. Stefan explains that he's doing a tuna crudo with gooseberries, and going up against John. Tom wonders if Stefan thinks he can beat John and Stefan shrugs and says, "He's 53 years old." On the one hand, obnoxious. On the other hand, I love Stefan sometimes. After talking to Brooke, Tom goes over to John and says that Stefan claims he's going to beat John's ass. This is all said in fun; Stefan is standing nearby and listening, and he laughs. John retorts that Stefan is using frozen tuna - that's the second time John has harped on that. Why not wait and see how the food tastes? Stefan says all of the other fish in the case was old looking, so he chose flash frozen, and don't chefs always say that most fish is flash frozen anyway? I guess not in Seattle. Where I live, nowhere near the ocean, it would be tough to get fish that's never been frozen, so Stefan's tuna would be just as good as anything else. Stefan says it's good product from Japan, and John mutters that it's radiated and not sustainable. Wow, John must be feeling really insecure about his dish. Tom laughs at the whole situation, but I'm not sure John was really kidding. John interviews that he's making a political statement because Stefan is using fish that's not sustainable. Mmm hmm.

<>Micah has two daughters named Sage and Saffron. Ooohkay. Josie didn't have time to build and wrap any of her rolls, so she's rolling to order which puts her behind. Everyone else is already serving the guests but Josie's guests are standing there with no food. Stefan is razzing John, who mentions the frozen tuna for the THIRD time already. Jeez.

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