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The judges arrive: Padma, Tom, Gail, and Stephanie. They stop by Danyele's booth first. She made chicken pine nut terrine with blueberry mostarda and Josh made savory goat cheese mousse with blueberry compote. As Stephanie bites into Danyele's chicken, it sounds like she's eating potato chips because it's so crunchy, and the judges kind of giggle, which is not a good sign. On top of that, the chicken is rubbery and bland. Tom likes Josh's spicy blueberries, and Gail finds it delicate and tasty.

Next, they move on to Josie's booth and boy, is she a mess. Her actual dish is Rock N'Raspberry roll which is sockeye salmon, Dungeness crab, and raspberry aoli. As the judges stand there, she's talking, talking, and talking some more but no actual food is being prepared or served. Gail turns to Tom and asks, "Is she high?" They actually have to tell her to cook while she talks so they can get some food in the next millennium. Her opponent Lizzie made raspberry steamed cabbage roll with heritage pork and bacon stuffing. Padma loves it and Stephanie loves the combination of ingredients. Tom thinks it was a great idea but it needed a bit more seasoning. Moving on to Josie's dish, Gail says that she used the raspberry a lot of different ways but the raspberry flavor didn't come through. Tom is disgusted by Josie's desire to put on a show (he practically spits that she should go on Next Food Network Star, but Tom's too classy to say that publicly), and wonders why she thought mayonnaise should go in a spring roll. Meanwhile, they show a shot of Josie and Lizzie's booths, and there's a long line at Josie's because she's getting food out so slowly, while Lizzie has no one, because people get served immediately.

The judges move over to Sheldon's booth next. He made ahi summer roll consisting of ahi poke, strawberries, and sweet chili sauce. His opponent Micah made strawberry fried chicken with strawberry and bacon biscuit. The judges think Micah's chicken is good, but the biscuit is a bit dense. They like Sheldon's combination of flavors, and Gail thinks he did a good job highlighting the strawberry, which was the challenge.

John made white gazpacho with Spanish chorizo, gooseberries, and sweet grapes. Stefan made Cali crudo with radishes, gooseberries, and spiced vinaigrette. Gail thinks Stefan did a great job with his crudo and his vinaigrette, but she didn't taste the gooseberry enough. Tom agrees. In John's dish, Stephanie thought the chorizo flavor was overpowering, and Padma thought it was two dishes in the same cup. Yeah, I don't get how the chorizo goes with the berries and grapes. One of the guests says it reminded him of "cheeseburger soup." That would cut John to the quick.

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