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Brooke made spicy smoke chocolate pudding with blackberry tapioca. She also made a marshmallow made out of Earl Grey tea and like a million other things. Bart made blackberry soup with salmon and rhubarb yogurt. Tom says that Bart's soup and yogurt were really great, but he doesn't know why the salmon was there, since it had no flavor or seasoning. Stephanie loves Brooke's pudding, and says that Brooke hit her goal of making it taste like a s'more. It's odd to me that they had berries and Brooke was the only one that thought of making a dessert.

And finally, Kristen made matcha goat milk custard with macerated tayberries. Tom loves the custard, both the texture and flavor. Stephanie picks out the macerated berries as a standout.

The guests place their votes. John hassles the people voting for Stefan and brings up the frozen tuna AGAIN like God, get off of that. Stefan interviews that John made the "worst gazpacho on the face of the earth" and says that he wouldn't even "flush [his] poop with it." Well, tell us how you really feel, Stefan.

The judges discuss the food overall. Stephanie says that for her first time on that side of the judges' table, she found all of the food very tasty, and Padma says she's interested to see who the guests choose in each pairing.

Weird interstitial. Josie talks really loudly and has an annoying laugh. Everyone in the Stew Room is annoyed. She has such a stoner laugh. It's ridiculous.

In the Stew Room, Stefan confronts John about mentioning the frozen tuna a million times. Stefan takes a poll of the room and everyone there has used that frozen tuna before, so Stefan whips it out and tells John to suck it. Everyone is laughing, so it's not as hostile as it sounds. Padma walks in and asks to see John, Danyele, Micah, Josie, and Bart. As they exit, Josh whispers, "That's the bottom." Stefan retorts, "Of course it's the bottom. What are you, fucking high?" I know I will grow tired of Stefan's shtick soon, but it's still cracking me up so far.

The bottom five face the judges. Padma tells them that they lost their battles, and Tom says that they agreed with the judges. Micah isn't surprised because Sheldon's food popped. Micah liked his own dish but realized that the freeze-dried strawberries didn't deliver enough flavor. Gail adds that his biscuit was no good. Remember when Micah kept telling us how awesome he is and how he's going to crush it, dude? When is that going to start happening? Josie is also not surprised because she heard Lizzie getting all the votes. Tom and Gail both bring up her talking and Josie says that she was trying to play catch up so she talked while making her food. Gail then says that she didn't highlight the berry flavor well, and Tom says that a summer roll should be light, and hers wasn't.

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