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Gail loved Bart's soup but didn't get the salmon, and Bart says that he wanted to use either salmon or crab, and he made the wrong choice. Padma wants to know what Danyele would change, and Danyele said she would toast them to order so they'd be less crunchy. Tom adds that Danyele has good ideas but she isn't fully executing them, and Padma says that the terrine tasted like lunchmeat. OUCH. That's harsh, Padma. John thought he represented gooseberries well. Tom says that he almost did, but he used chorizo and it made his soup grainy. John says he should have given them more gazpacho, but Gail says the portions weren't the problem. John says he's not making excuses and makes the excuse that the kitchen was crazy, but Tom points out that everyone cooked in the same kitchen. Just own it, John. You should have implemented the chorizo differently.

They send in the top five plus Kristen, and tell them they're the winners before they walk in. John complains that he got his ass whupped, but we've seen the judges way more mean before. Shut it, John. Padma tells the winners that they are the winners, and Tom says that they made delicious and surprising dishes. Stephanie says that the winning dish was unique, highlighted the berries, and had no real flaws, and that dish belonged to Kristen. She's shocked and everyone applauds. Stefan kisses her cheek. Winning the money flusters Kristen. Tom tells her to keep cooking how she's cooking, and she'll stay in the top.

The judges have to deliberate and decide who's going home. Tom thought Bart showcased the berry well, and if he'd left the salmon out, he'd be the winner. Micah did a terrible job showcasing the strawberry, though. Josie didn't provide a clear flavor of raspberry, and her dish was just pink. Tom comments that it could've been Pepto Bismol and Padma wakes up and yells, "IT LOOKED LIKE PEPTO BISMOL." Seriously, I think she was sleeping and then heard Pepto Bismol and yelled her line. Danyele's terrine was rubbery with no flavor and sliced too thin, plus it should've been cooked to order. They show John's dish and it looks like butter floating on cream with ground meat. Gross. Stephanie couldn't believe all of John's excuses, so I'm guessing he actually went on more than we even saw. And it tasted terrible. The judges come to a conclusion, and we'll find out who's going home shortly.

After the break, the bottom five come out to face the judges. Tom gives a very general speech about how they all did some good things, but they also did some bad things. Well, thanks Tom. Padma tells Danyele to pack her knives and go. Tom adds that her chicken was rubbery and her crostini was too crunchy, and while it was a good idea, it just never came together. Danyele thanks the judges and wishes everyone else luck before walking out. Danyele really needs to rethink the heavy eyeliner on her lower lids only. She's a pretty girl and that's not flattering.

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