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After Danyele leaves, Josie tells everyone that Tom didn't like the Chef Josie show. Stefan cuts her off because he wants to her what they said to John. Before John can answer, Josie tells Stefan to fuck off, basically, and then she and Stefan bicker hotly over who interrupted whom and whatnot. They both look like children. Yikes.

Skip the rest of this if you don't want to know about Last Chance Kitchen.

In this week's battle between CJ and Danyele, the cheftestants were asked to make a great sandwich using lunchmeat. Danyele went classic with turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and avocado, but she had too much filling and her sandwich fell apart. CJ went an Asian route with ham, butter, radish, and apple, and he had the opposite problem of too much bread and not enough filling. Ultimately, Tom thought CJ's sandwich had more flavor and he prevailed once again. Danyele awesomely took her own sandwich with her when she left.

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