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And now, once more with drama. Betty prepares her dish of dressed up tomato soup and grilled cheese. The soup seems fine, but she can't get the griddle to heat up. "And," she confides in us, "who do you think was sitting there, watching my every move?" Sure enough, Marcel has moved a footrest or ottoman or whatever and is sitting straight up (nice posture, by the way) on it, looking at Betty through the pass-through and saying stuff like, "The griddle's not as hot as you would have liked it to have been?" To this, Betty says, "Sorry, did anyone hear a gnat flying around their ear? Something really annoying?" Yeah, you. Marcel tells us, "For an intimidation factor, I'm watching her cook her food. I just wanted to send in there, sending her the blazing eyes." The "blazing eyes"? Oh, Marcel. Marcel goes on that Betty threw off his game -- which was how exactly? -- so why shouldn't he throw off hers. Marcel says to Betty, "I like how you're addressing that, I was wondering how long it would take for you to use sauté pans." Betty points out to Marcel that she takes it on herself and she deals with it. Marcel keeps going and finally Betty says, "Can you ask him to be quiet in the middle of my competition, please?" Cliff and Son of Sam call Marcel back. Cliff tells us that Marcel was instigating things and if he had been Betty, he would have punched Marcel in the head. What Betty did earlier was, in my opinion, strangely unnecessary, based on the footage we saw of Marcel cooking. However, I don't think it was cool for Marcel to taunt Betty during her cooking process. At least she waited until his dish was done before lighting into him. As all the other cheftestants count down Betty's time and cheer her on, Betty quickly plates. Betty tells us, "By the SKIN of my TEETH I got that final sandwich on my plate or I would have been disqualified." That's a lot of skin.

Cheftestants help Betty take her stuff downstairs. You know, this season, I see a lot more of the cheftestants helping one another than last year. I sort of like it. It reminds me of how some of the Project Runway people pitch in at times. While the other cheftestants are gone, Elia tells Marcel that whenever anyone says anything bad against Marcel, she stands up for him. Elia tells us that she and Marcel go way back because she worked with him in opening L'Atelier Joel Robuchon. She was the sous chef and therefore, judging by her protective attitude toward him, Marcel's boss.

Betty comes screaming into the presence of the firemen and thanks them for being so patient. What is she talking about? She hasn't kept them waiting if she didn't go over her time limit and we saw that she didn't. Bobbing her pigtailed head in a way I'm sure she thinks is irresistibly cute, Betty tells them, "This dish is Badda-Bing Betty with spicy red pepper soup and sassy bacon." Okay, to explain all that, the dish is a grilled cheese and portabello mushroom sandwich with a roasted red pepper soup, which has bacon as a garnish. Sassy bacon, apparently. They all love it. Betty stomps back to the other cheftestants and announces, "Even if they don't love my dish, I love all of you guys." Everyone but Marcel cheers. The cheftestants are excused by the judges to allow them time to deliberate.

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