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The Judges deliberate. Chef Friday's was disappointed, he thought there would be more creative innovation. However, he does give Son of Sam's fruit cup props for being "craveable." "I love that term you just used: 'craveable,'" Gail gushes, "I think that's a great way to talk about this challenge because that's so much of what you're doing with TGI Friday's." I will never, NEVER find TGI Friday's "craveable." McDonald's? Yes. Taco Bell? Certainly. But not, never, no TGI Friday's. And I have some weird no-I'm-not-pregnant-I-just-eat-weird-stuff cravings. The judges -- with no comments from Padmadala -- like Cliff's, Betty's, and Son of Sam's dishes. When Gail brings up Ted Ilan's bacon-corn dish as something she found "craveable," Chef Friday's agrees Ted Ilan really could have turned that into a great entrée. Hm, I wonder if they cut out him saying that the challenge really was to create entrées and a few of them -- Marisa and Ted Ilan -- didn't do that. Regardless, the top three are Cliff, Betty, and Son of Sam; all entrée makers. As the top three stand before them, the Judges pile the compliments on. Gail beams at Son of Sam for doing "something so cool on such a hot day." Chef Friday's tells Cliff that his table "scolfed" down Cliff's dish. Is that a combo of "scarfed" and "wolfed"? And if so, was it intentional? Chef Friday's announces that Betty is the winner and her dish will be appearing on his menu. But not, according to the Friday's website, as "Badda-Bing Betty." They call it Tuscan Portabello Melt and I see no reference to "sassy bacon," or any bacon, for that matter. Betty lets out a loud, toothy, and large-mouthed scream, scaring the judges, scaring my cats, and jolting my dozing husband to say, "I really don't find her in any way refreshing." Betty dances over and grips all the Judges' hands. She's won two in a row now. Her big eyes and teeth tell us she's not going to let her guard down.

In the back, Carlos asks, "Is it Badda-Bing Betty?" Didn't they hear that caterwaul in the next room? Maybe they thought it was Son of Sam. Betty nods, they all cheer for her. Maybe Marcel doesn't. Emily, Michael, and Frank are sent out. Emily is already wiping her eyes, as is Mia. For Emily, I think. As the bottom three assemble, Michael has his hat backwards and his hands in his pockets. Dude, show some respect! Even if it is only Tom Colicchio. Actually, chivalry would have it that you should not only take your hat off in the presence of ladies, but, at the very least, take your hands out of your pockets. Particularly because it's Michael and I don't know exactly what he's doing down in there. Gail was confused by Frank's dish, which, he insists, was "conceptual." "Food is for eating," Gail snaps. Frank stutter-agrees with her. Chef Friday's tells Frank that his dish is never going to be executed like that in a place like Friday's. He also goes off on Frank for the dish not even tasting very good. Maybe Frank should have served a joint as an appetizer.

Padmadala asks Emily if she tasted her dish before she served it. Yes, she did. Did she taste the meat? Yes, she did. And she thought it was seasoned fine? No, she didn't. Emily admitted she sort of freaked out when she tasted the meat. Gail and Tom say that it wasn't just the meat, the corn and shrimp were salty as well. Chef Friday's agrees, the whole dish was salty. Gail thinks the entire dish was inedible. Padmadala wonders if the corn was even fresh. Emily says it wasn't. "We felt that," Padmadala notes. The steak was really bad as well. Turning to Michael, Michael grins, "Bring it on. I can take it, I can dish it out." I foresee no time when you will be "dishing it out" to the judges. You will always be taking it. Unless, of course, Michael is slyly referring to the fact that he literally dished out food to them. But I think that might be above and beyond his ken, don't you? Gail asks what Michael thinks went wrong with his dish. Michael can't stop grinning like the village idiot as he drawls that he doesn't know what went wrong with his dish and he doesn't even know why he's there. He says "like," like fifty times. After Michael blathers rather incoherently about not seeing many steak sandwiches like his on menus, Colicchio asks why they should keep him there. "Well, plenty of reasons to be here, I mean, I love food. I -- uh," Michael says. Colicchio interrupts him to say that it doesn't seem like he loves food or cares about it when he is so sloppy with it. They're excused. "No problem," Michael slurs as he leaves, still grinning. Still with his hands in his pockets.

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