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In the back, Betty clutches one of Maria's hands in both of hers. They look cold. Holding a beer bottle in one hand, someone is slamming another down their throat. I think it's Son of Sam, but it's hard to tell. Emily looks wrecked.

Judges' Table: more deliberation. Chef Friday's liked that Frank actually had an idea that he wanted to go with; he just should have thought it out first. Gail goes on that she could barely get her bite down. I am really impressed with her eyes this year. Either they are cleaning up her pouches post-production or she has embraced the cold teabag approach. Chef Friday's shrugs, "I'm sorry, this is Cooking 101, if you taste your food and you know it's overseasoned, fix it or don't serve it." I get the idea behind that sentiment, but what if you don't have time to remake something? It's really hard to fix overseasoning, especially when it's salt. I know adding lemon juice can help some dishes, but usually sauces and soups, not steak, shrimp, or corn. And if she decided not to serve it, wouldn't she have been disqualified anyway?

In the back, Emily wipes her eyes and talks about how rough it is in front of the Judges. Marisa tries to comfort her.

Turning to the topic of Michael, Gail says, "There's something about his attitude that drives me crazy. He really doesn't seem to care." Chef Friday's agrees, "I thought he was sloppy and I thought he was arrogant about his dish." Yet, you're going to keep him. You're going to keep a guy who had a bad dish and has a bad attitude but you're going to send home someone who had a bad dish and a much better attitude. Whatever Emily said to the cameras about the kids or the toothless woman or the Friday's challenge, the Judges didn't hear. All they know about her attitude is what she's presented to their face, and it has never been objectionable. However, as Emily said in her Washington Post interview, Michael is like Randy Quaid, so they're going to keep him on. I'll bet even Randy Quaid can make a better steak sandwich. He might swear a lot when doing it, but it would be better. ["Also...Randy Quaid = ratings? I'm trying to think of a time when that was ever true." -- Joe R] Anyway, the Judges all agree that somehow Michael found a way to ruin a steak sandwich.

In the back, Michael is saying, "I'll beat the fuck out of all those motherfuckers!" Elia puts a hand to his face and talks soothingly to him. I love her. If I had to work in a professional kitchen, I'd want to work under her. Someone tells Michael to sit down. "I need more booze," Michael says. Emily dabs her eyes with Mia's arm around her. Son of Sam tells Michael to "sit down by [him]self." Heh. Michael doesn't sit down and he goes on, "That fucking Tom, dude, we're going to duke it out before this thing is over." Son of Sam tells him he's not going to duke it out with anyone and tells him to calm down. I'm really starting to like Son of Sam, who tells us he's changing his mind about Michael. He thought he acted like a yahoo just to show off, but now he thinks it's because Michael is insecure. Marcel tells Michael, "Dude, you can't leave because you still gotta --" Michael takes a mock jab at Marcel and says, "I know because I still gotta knock you out, dude." Everyone cheers and laughs, including Marcel.

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