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The Judges call the bottom three back in and, in their usual long, drawn-out way, deal with all of them in turn. When they get to Michael, he's got his fists up -- boxer like -- and is bouncing in place, confused as to whether he's a butterfly or a bee. "What can I say?" Colicchio says, "I don't think I have to say anything to you, you know, I don't know whether you think this is a joke --" Michael insists he doesn't, man, it's just hard for him to be himself. Colicchio comes down on Michael's sloppiness. Padmadala finally tells Emily that she's knife'd (tm, awesomely, by Geo Gal). Michael has the grace to look chastened.

In the back, Emily cries and tells the waiting cheftestants, "Well, y'all, it's been real." Cliff gives her a big, all-enveloping hug that looks really comforting, and Josie and Betty hug the two of them. Awww. Emily says she met some fantastic professionals and that saying goodbye is the hardest thing she's had to do. Michael gives her a big hug and says stuff you can't understand because it's all bleeped out.

Emily packs up and leaves, telling us, "I'm still solid." In that Chow interview, Emily said that when she was taken aside by the producers to be asked, all instigatingly, "What do you think about X cheftestant," she would loudly repeat the question so the entire room and all the cheftestants would know what she was being asked. She wasn't going to play into their attempts to incite controversy by making her answer shit like, if she comes from such a privileged background, how does she feel about being on the show with someone as poor as Mia. You know, I wonder if that's why she was kicked off -- she was a troublemaker on set. It makes me like her even more. I mean, as if my faith in the integrity of this show couldn't get any lower, now this?

Next week: they have to create an appetizer, entrée, side dish, and a dessert BUT! And we don't know what the "but" is! Also, allegations of cheating abound, to which Son of Sam says, "I'm not gonna go there."

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