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Marcel rejoins the rest of the cheftestants and mildly says that he needs a punching bag because he's so fucking furious. He's like the most chilled-out fucking furious guy who needs a punching bag that I've ever seen. Betty tells us, "After Marcel came back from his challenge, he was just HEMMING and HAWING and I had it up to here." Of course, she raises her hand to demonstrate just where she had it up to. Back at the firehouse, Marcel asks if they think it's fair what happened to him, and Betty lets him have it, "Yes, I absolutely think it's fair. I think anything that will fuck you up is fair." Ouch. And mean! Marcel is taken aback by this and says, looking down at his lap, "Oh. No shit?"

After the commercials, the drama continues. Son of Sam, who is in the kitchen, which is exposed to the unfolding drama by a pass-through, tells us that he only has fifteen minutes to do his dish and Betty and Marcel started fighting and getting really loud and distracting. Still looking down at his lap, Marcel asks, "What did I ever do to you? Do you just don't like me, or what?" Okay, I actually feel really sorry for Marcel here. He's looking down, not able to look Betty in the eye, and it actually seems as though he's genuinely hurt and surprised that Betty is exploding with such hate all over him. So, yes, he was annoying about showing Ted Ilan his knives in the first ep, but the more I see of him, the more I think his persona is just artless exuberance, not pretension. And I really sort of hate Betty for this whole exchange. "You're a selfish, self-centered, egotistical bastard," Betty tells him and then tosses up her hands, "That's just my simple opinion." Josie is laughing and rocking back in her Lay-Z-Boy. They're all sitting in identical Lay-Z-Boys -- is there one for every fireman or something? In the next scene, Marcel has his back to Betty and he's fiddling with his sunglasses. I feel bad for him, people, I really do. Grinning in disbelief, Marcel tells us that Betty slammed him with a bunch of "issues" she had bottled up about him for quite some time. "I'm just astonished and appalled! Utterly appalled that she's trying to call me out like this." Marcel tells us. As Marcel starts to defend himself or clarify the issue, Betty interrupts him, "Marcel, I would be happy to continue with this as soon as Sam is done, I do not want to distract from what he's doing." Oh, that's very convenient and considerate of you. You got your bitch on and now you don't give Marcel a chance to rebut. Whatever. I don't like you. Observing all this, Marisa is suffused in laughter, and tender-hearted Elia looks glassy-eyed with tears. Sums both of them up, I think.

Son of Sam is proud of his innovative product and serves it to the firemen. It's a wild fruit salad of marinated fruit, which has a spicy mint chimichurri vinaigrette. It looks and sounds good, and the firemen and Chef Friday's like it, but I just don't see TGI Friday's putting it on their menu. As Padmadala scoops up the dregs on the plate, a fireman teases, "I can get you a straw for that it you like." Heh. Padmadala almost loses her mouthful of food in laughing. She's definitely more human than the Bot, but her line delivery is still over-rehearsed and annoying. Oh, I forgot to note that Padmadala is now wearing a metal shield badge on her denim tank top vest. I think that makes her Chief Clitshortis.

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