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Bye Bye, Turdie

The judges deliberate. It comes down to Andrea and Cynthia, but Andrea is told to pack her knives and blow. Bye bye, turdie! Back in Madame S's changing room, Andrea says her goodbyes. Lee Anne tells us that she thinks Andrea is amazing and beautiful: "Her presentation style, her lifestyle may not fit in with this show but she is one of the strongest people I've had the privilege to meet in a long time." That statement says a lot about Lee Anne, because so many of the more seasoned chefs (*cough* Stephen *cough*) could slag off on how unprofessional (*cough* Tiffani *cough*) and not up to Top Chef par Andrea is, but Lee Anne chose to go this route. She compliments her while also gently acknowledging that Andrea wasn't what the show was looking for. Andrea tells us that her experience on the show has convinced her that she's right to stick to her personal guns and keep on with what she's been doing. Huh. So being kicked off for your personal guns confirms that you should stick to those personal guns. Okay. I guess. Andrea wants to continue to teach people how to heal with food. She's going to go home and finish her cookbook, and she knows amazing things are happening in her future. She's ready to change the world "one meal at a time."

Next week: Something is rotten in the state of children's lunches.

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