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Candice's buffet platter doesn't impress either, and Falkner thinks her heart cut-outs of the fruit are too much, "but it probably speaks to your personality." Candice nods exuberantly, not necessarily getting the insult. Next, we have Andrea. God, this challenge must've stuck her in fiber-filled heaven. Andrea explains that her mass of fruit -- some of which had only the briefest of encounters with a knife -- came about because she walked over to the basket and all she really wanted to do was put the basket on top of the plate. Falkner finds this interesting but wonders, if that was her thinking, why Andrea didn't go more minimal. Andrea interviews that it was actually her gut reaction to just shine up the apples and pears and put them on the plate. Guts, intestines, bowels -- it's all the same reaction for her.

Falkner likes the cornucopia effect of Miguel's fruit cubes. Harold, like Tiffani, has a few blurbs of fruit on a plate that he prepared beyond just slicing and dicing. His apple and pear stand-up fans are stunning, as are his watermelon bâtons, which he then stacked in a sort of off-kilter log cabin effect. Falkner appreciates his obvious knife skills and notes he must have experience working with sashimi. "I like the use of space," Katie Leebot interjects. No one asked you, and hey, what about using your emotion chip every once in awhile?

The winner is Stephen. "When I saw the other chefs' displays, I knew I was going to take that competition," Stephen tells us. FISHHOOK! Tiffani interviews that she was shocked Stephen won, because she thought Harold should have won, hands down. She's definitely not always the mega-bitch she becomes later; between her and Stephen, Stephen's way ahead in the Hard-Boiled Ego game. Harold was surprised by Stephen's win also because he knew some of Stephen's flavor combos didn't work. Apparently, Stephen even admitted to Harold that he didn't try all of his dishes, he just threw them together. Well, it's not like Falkner would have known even if she tasted them -- the only lavender in Citizen Cake's lavender pastries is in the title.

On top of the Baker Street roof -- with the Golden Gate perfectly situated in the background on an amazingly fogless day in that neighborhood -- the Katie Leebot tells them that they are invited to a party for the Elimination Challenge. They have to create a sexy dessert to serve to the guests. But before they get into that, the Bot wants to introduce them to their hostess. Their ho-stess. Bamp-chicka-chicka music plays as various crazy camera angles follow a bleached blond in a red latex dress. I guess it's a nurse motif because the yellow exterior corset has red crosses on it. Everyone starts to laugh and screech. Stephen just looks confused. See, Stephen? That's a wo-man! Both Brian and Tiffani appear to need a change of underwear. Nurse Naughty's also wearing red hip-to-be-square glasses and a pillbox top hat with a red feather in it. Not sure how nurse-ish it is, but I'm sure she's got multiple uses for that feather. She's like five fetishes rolled into one. Katie Leebot introduces them to Madam S, manager of the Mr. S fetish store. Andrea laughs over Miguel's mini-meltdown. "We are inviting fifty of our dearest friends and loyal customers. They're all going to be dressed in latex and leather or maybe nothing at all [Miguel whistles. Shut up, Miguel.], and we're looking for something outrageous and exciting, decadent, creamy. Something hot. Something big." The Bot tells them all the ingredients they need are in the kitchen, but they're being given fifty extra dollars to supplement. It's up to them to interpret sexy and to bang out awesome presentations. Andrea interviews that she's just going to pack her bags that night because her presentation sucks. Tiffani tells us, "The first thing that went through my mind is, 'I'm not a pastry chef.' There goes that challenge."

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