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Bye Bye, Turdie
Cynthia gets more distressing news about her father. Dave tells us that not everyone knows what hell Cynthia is going through: "Her father is passing and it's hard to be focused." At the house, Miguel offers to carry Cynthia's bag, which is sweet. Miguel tells us that what you're feeling in the kitchen is how you present food, and if you feel like crap, it shows in the food.

The chefs have four more hours in the kitchen to finish up and pack up. Lee Anne says she was worried about time, but she went in, she threw out her stuff that went over the time, and she started again from scratch. As Lee Anne bins her pastries, she says, "We're good, starting at zero!" Tiffani appears to be watching her. She also rolls her eyes and walks away. Lee Anne tells us, "No one likes a know-it-all. Don't sit here and blabber at me that 'it's not personal.' If it's not personal, then shut the fuck up, all right?" That's my girl. Tiffani affixes brown lumps of something to a string and explains, "These are chocolate-coffee cookies with spicy cherries and hazelnuts. What the string is for is so that the cookie essentially becomes a necklace." Not getting it yet. Tiffani tells us that she didn't just want to walk around with desserts at the sex party: "I wanted to force people to interact with me and with the food." Interesting that she thinks she needs to "force" people to interact with her. That's the only way I'd want to interact with her. Brain babbles something about getting his "swagger" back. He's making a strawberry-apple crisp with hazelnut whipped cream.

Colicchio's back. He looks at Andrea's "Creamy Peanut Butter Balls" and "Crunchy Nuts." "Some bar nuts?" Colicchio wonders. Candice is now decorating her edible underwear. "Oookay," is Colicchio's reaction. Over at Harold's station, he's making some buttermilk gelato "on the fly." Dude, you can't make gelato "on the fly." There's, like, hours of freezing time needed. Colicchio looks around and wonders if they have an ice cream machine there. Harold doesn't think so. Wait, he's going to freeze this BY HAND? Colicchio tries to check in on Cynthia, who tells him, "You can't bother me now." Hee. Chastened, Colicchio walks away. Outside, Colicchio gives us his reactions. He doesn't know what's sexy about Andrea's dessert, he thinks Cynthia is having technical problems, and he doesn't understand why Harold hasn't figured out that there's an ice cream machine in the kitchen. Sure enough, the kitchen cam pans down to show an ice cream machine on a lower shelf. D'oh! Time runs down.

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