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Last week, Stephen was a gaufreak, Andrea came back to replace Cynthia's unscheduled departure, and Colicchio did his best to whip the smugness right out of Tiffani. In the end, Brian (Fellows) left.

In sped-up film, cars zoom down Lombard Street, which, while pretty and in a cha-ching neighborhood with one of the most awesome views in San Francisco, is actually not the most twisted street in the city. Potrero Hill's Vermont and 20th is. Ooh, Chinatown gate on Grant! There's actually a really great hotel just one block from the gate called the Grant Plaza. It's clean, it's cheap, it's safe, it's centrally located, and if you're not looking for luxury rooms, it's perfect. We stayed there when we were looking for apartments. Aw, I'm going to miss being able to infuse little bits of information like this next season. Fucking L.A. Does anyone even actually eat there?

The house on Baker wakes up. Dave, beating himself up for being twice brought before the judges as one of the worst chefs, knows he needs to step up his game. Stephen is walking around in a wifebeater, boxers, socks? I guess I should be thankful it's not spats. He says that his team won the competition but he had to work with some of his least favorite people. Cue Candice, who grumbles a "good morning" in response to Miguel's, "Hey, sexy." Candice tells us "a lot of the chefs are trying to, like, tear [her] down and drag [her] out but [she] wants to totally win and blow everyone out of the water." Who, aside from Stephen, is trying to tear her down? They never showed us that.

Quickfire Challenge. We see a street sign that tells us they are somewhere on Mission. Given that Mission runs the length of the city, before becoming El Camino Real, they could be anywhere, but we're probably supposed to assume they are in The Mission. A Bot VO tells the chefs that a Top Chef has to be able to think on their feet, so this week's theme is "food on the fly." Katie Leebot explains that the Mission District is "full of specialty markets." Cut to a bright blue awning with Spanish writing. The chefs will be given twenty dollars and thirty minutes to create a dish using ingredients from one of the specialty markets. The Katie Leebot oils her joints and leads the way down the street. Candice says they were all thinking that "specialty foods" meant "international cuisine." "And here it is," Katie Leebot reveals. They are standing on the edge of a gas station, which ching- chings obligingly. Foley guys are up on their game. Most of the chefs laugh. Tiffani screws her lips together and shakes her head. "Can you smell the gas, baby?" Miguel crows. Harold looks crabby. He tells us, "Go have at it at a gas station? I was like, 'shit.' I'm not into this at all." The chefs will shop for thirty minutes but will also be able to use all the dried herbs and spices they need in the Top Chef kitchen. Katie Leebot sends them in.

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