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Lee Anne walks out and introduces her Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry in a light red curry and lemongrass sauce with coconut-scented jasmine rice. It looks absolutely beautiful in the container. The ladies like it. Candice is next with her spinach and shrimp quiche and she says a few inane things about feeling like she's having Sunday brunch "with the girls." Katie Leebot pointedly asks if there's a crust on the quiche and then asks what it's made out of. Candice tells her, "Whole wheat flour and eggs and butter, and a little bit of apple cider vinegar to hold it together." Someone -- we don't know who, but it is captioned -- at the judges' table says they hope the crust is going to be crisp. "It can't be," Colicchio decides. One Jr. Leaguer notes to Candice, "This doesn't look like a typical quiche it's really eggy." Candice explains that "for health reasons" she likes to put more protein and vegetables in than cream. Another lady notes to her table that the shrimp is overcooked. We didn't see this sort of back and forth with any of the others. Gee, Bravo, I wonder who is going home today. Lisa presents her grilled herbed chicken breast with two cheese gratin, "That's macaroni and cheese to the kids." That gets a big laugh. Some comments are that something is rubbery and not flakey enough -- the hell? That would sound like a comment more about Candice's crust, not chicken or macaroni and cheese, neither of which should be flakey -- and that the chicken is too herby.

Andrea pops out with her "health-promoting dish." Her quinoa pilaf has leeks, shiitake mushrooms, and chicken and turkey sausage. Sounds pretty good to me. "And I think that food should promote your health, it should make you feel good after you eat it," Andrea says. She promises that if her dish doesn't make them feel good, she will do a little dance for them. And that will make them feel good? Shades of Uhura's fan dance in the sand. "Quinoa is a whole grain. Yeah, so it's good for you and your colon and your whole body and all that good stuff. Body moving, girls!" Andrea tells them. The ladies like it, and Colicchio says he feels healthier already. Dave tells us that he and Andrea are staying true to who they are. In the mansion kitchen, Andrea reports to her fellow cheftestants, "I told them all they were going to have a nice bowel movement and they were like, 'Yeaaaah!'" Everyone laughs.

Miguel says he's going to use the convection setting on the microwave for his meatloaf. Tiffani tells us, "I think Miguel thought he had an angle on the competition." Miguel presents his Asian-infused meatloaf, and again product-places the KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce. It's really weird the way they're doing that. He also has edamame, mashed potatoes, and stir-fry. Stir-fry what, Bravo? Veggies? Pork? Hello? Colicchio thinks the meatloaf is cold and wonders how long he had it in the microwave. Miguel reports back to the kitchen that his meatloaf was cold in the center. The kitchen groans for him. Well, someone groans. Could be Andrea. Maybe she's in the bathroom moving her body.

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