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Judges' Table. Sounds like the judges really liked Dave and Andrea's dishes. Andrea, Harold, and Tiffani are the top three choices, and Katie Leebot escorts them to the judges' table. Andrea tells us she knew she couldn't have been among the three worst if she was being brought in with Harold and Tiffani. Gail commends Harold for flirting and playing up to the ladies. She also thought his soup was delicious. Colicchio adds that he thinks Harold's soup was better than most of the Thai restaurants he's been to. Chefferson tells Tiffani that her escolar was cooked perfectly and that the vegetables went really well with it. Colicchio was also very impressed with Tiffani, especially by her presentation. Gail and Colicchio both heap praise on Andrea. Katie Leebot reveals that Tiffani is the winner. To us, Tiffani says, "I am the KENMORE microwave queen, which is flattering and a tremendous compliment." I wonder how much of a compliment it would be if Bravo didn't have to worry about their sponsorship.

The bottom three are brought in. It's Stephen (hah!), Candice, and Lisa. Stephen puts on his customary FISHHOOKABLE sneer at the table and tells us, "It was embarrassing to be called out at this point and to sit there with Lisa and Candice." Yes, he's just so above them -- how he must be suffering. Colicchio calls Lisa out for her overcooked pasta, and Gail tells her that the whole plate was beige and looked like institution food. Chefferson tells Candice that her quiche, which was more like scrambled eggs to him, was doomed from the start. Colicchio criticizes the quiche crust for being rubbery and overcooked. Candice admits she didn't have time to let the dough rest in the fridge. "And also, the presentation was pretty sloppy," Colicchio continues and says her inexperience is really starting to show. Turning to Stephen, Colicchio says, "The lemongrass and some of those Japanese flavors that you worked in there were really just confusing." He had lemongrass in there on top of the yuzu, mole, rojo, squash blossoms, plantain, and banana leaf? Chefferson agrees, "I mean, we started out in Oaxaca with banana leaves and masa and then we started hearing about yuzu and shiso -- it just really threw me off." Stephen sits there, fat lips pinched and sneering, basically showing that he doesn't agree with any of this. Gail jumps in, "Yeah, it confused me, too. There was just too much going on -- the shiso I found so overpowering and the texture was really dry, too. Just too much masa, too much paste, and not enough oomph. It was tasteless, it wasn't seasoned well, it was almost inedible." Stephen looks incredibly confused that they could be taking about his dish. Surely, nothing he made was inedible! Clearly, they're confusing him with the lower chefs, the unprofessionals, like Lisa and Candice. Speaking of Candice, she admirably suppresses a smile as this edict is handed down. Stephen says he doesn't make excuses for himself. He agrees with their criticisms completely. Colicchio's eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Stephen says he did not perform to the best of his abilities. They are sent away to await their fate.

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