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Gail turns to the other judges and says, "Stephen looked at us like we were crazy -- his Japanese infused, confused tamale..." Heh. Colicchio agrees that Stephen is always getting over-creative and "getting caught up in the dogma of cooking." He's doing what now? They discuss the other two losers, repeating what we've already heard, and finally call them back in. Colicchio says, "If I could get rid of two of you I probably would. Nah, all three." Damn! Stephen is so stunned. It's a glory to behold. Colicchio rips on them generally for a few more seconds and it is Candice who is sent a-knife-packing. Candice tips her head, smiles, and thanks them for having her in the competition. The three leave. Back in the kitchen, Candice delivers a sobbing, sodden farewell, "And I want those of you who have helped me get through this, I want you to know how much that's meant to me. And I know you know who you are." Dave wipes his eyes. "'Cause all I wanted was people to understand where I was coming from and to respect the fact that I had the least amount of experience out of everyone here and if you don't like it, then go eff off." Stephen stares from the sidelines. Tiffani hugs Candice. Next is Harold who holds her close and rubs her back. Yeah, Harold would give good hugs. I can see that. Harold tells us, "Candice showed a lot of backbone, that was really impressive, it showed a lot about her character. As far as technical cooking, she's not there." Stephen lines up behind Harold as though he's got next hugs. I thought Candice told you to go eff off, dude. They hug briefly. "Sorry I was so hard on you," Stephen mutters. He tells us, "I really wasn't surprised Candice was going home. The dish was sloppily presented. It was a youthful mistake in what she did." And what's your excuse for your yuzu-shiso-mole-rojo-plantain-lemongrass-banana-leaf-masa-squash-blossom-INEDIBLE Oaxacanese mess? Candice sniffily tells us that it was a win for her to make it that far, "I am more so happy about who I am as a person now. I think I can finally be comfortable with being Candice." Who were you before? Sybil? One of Eve's three faces?

Next week: I can't remember what happens but it's bound to be awesome.

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