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Back in the kitchen, the chefs are given ninety minutes to prepare the dish, wrap it up, and refrigerate it. The dishes will be reheated in a microwave in front of the Junior Leaguers. Miguel drops ice, Andrea's oven gets mistakenly shut off, Lee Anne tells someone not to move her pot, and Dave has problems opening cans. Colicchio does his walk-through. I'm sorry, but the way he rattles the chefs? Tim Gunn he ain't. Colicchio expresses doubts that Candice's quiche will reheat properly. I express doubts as well -- pastry in a microwave doesn't exactly crisp up. The UnGunn also wonders if Stephen's multi-fusion, multi-weird ingredient tamale will prove Stephen to be "style over substance." Finally, Colicchio thinks that Lisa has an edge over everyone else. Stephen tells us, "I expect Lisa to come out on top for this part of the competition. She is the working mom and she's in need of this product probably more than any of us." Man, he can even make a compliment sound horrifically condescending! Tiffani thinks her Asian fish dish will reheat very well, Miguel doubts that fish does well in a microwave. Miguel product places KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce and says he used it in his turkey meatloaf dish. Harold tells the camera he's putting his shrimp in raw so it won't overcook upon reheating. Lee Anne is working on a lemongrass chicken dish with coconut milk. Andrea tells us, "I'm making a quinoa pilaf and some roasted curry sweet potatoes, and I'm emphasizing, for the ladies -- actually, I'll wait until tomorrow to tell you what I'm emphasizing." POOP! Candice babbles, "I think the moms tomorrow will like my quiche dish because I like quiches -- I'm not a mom but I know people who make them that are moms."

The chefs start packing up their dishes. Miguel wonders how Stephen managed to steam his tamales so fast. "I'm the fucking man, brother," Stephen responds. Well, you're the fucking something. Lisa's concerned because she was unable to chill and season her pasta properly and she couldn't get to the grill to cook her chicken. Dave complains that he barely got his lasagna noodles done before he had to "slop" them into the individual trays, he adds, "And Harold and Stephen had some banter, you know, kind of slamming what I was making." In the kitchen, we see Stephen and Harold whispering together and Harold says, "The magical lasagna." Oh, Harold, why did you have to go and descend to the tenth level of Stephen? Time expires and Candice and Andrea wonder what's wrong with Dave. Dave tells us that he doesn't need no magical lasagna shit, "I'm done with him and Stephen, you know, they can go make out somewhere because I'm just over it. I'm pissed."

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