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Immediately after Angelo's elimination, everyone in the Stew Room was stunned. Mike, obviously. But even Tiffany admits that she was one hundred percent sure that she was going home. Dale comments that it was shocking to see Angelo leave, but the reality is that they all have to leave sometime, unless they win the whole thing. We really have gotten to the point this season where any elimination is shocking. I mean, I think Tiffany and Mike shouldn't make the finals, but it's tough to remember that this show is judged on the one dish the cheftestant makes for that day's challenge, and not the cheftestant's entire body of work. So one off day means that person is going home, which kind of sucks, but is also what makes the show exciting. Otherwise, the finals would be a foregone conclusion. Anyway, Dale also reminds us that he won both the Quickfire and the Elimination in the previous episode, so he's on a high right now. So he's probably safe this week, right? Because he's been doing so well? Oh, that totally doesn't matter in terms of judging? Yeah, I just said that.

Antonia, Mike, and Blais are hanging out in the apartment, and Blais shows them his planning notebook. He's taken a little reporter's notebook and written out various plans for dishes. He explains that he's filled up two of them since he's been on the show this time around, because while he is there for the experience, he also wants to win. Note that Mike flipped through the notebook and read some pages, at least that we saw, and Blais even explained one of the recipes step-by-step. Why did he do this? He probably couldn't help himself; he seems like the type who's always teaching and helping other people, even to his own detriment.

Mike notices that Tiffany is wearing makeup and looks fancier than usual and asks her if she has a date. She giggles that she thinks if she looks better, she will think better and perform better. She interviews that she's realized that she has to step up her game, and it's nice to see a rejuvenated Tiffany, as she's been barely skating by.

The cheftestants arrive at the kitchen and see Paula Deen waiting for them. They all recognize her and smile. How can you note smile when you see Paula Deen? You may not like her food, but she's always so happy and upbeat, even while she's irreparably clogging your arteries. Paula and Padma explain the Quickfire Challenge: make something in the deep fryer. Paula explains that she's deep fried mac and cheese, lasagna, and even butter, and she's looking for imaginative food. Time limit is thirty minutes and the winner gets $5,000.

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