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Gone Fishing

Back in the Stew Room, Blais says that Marcel was shit-talking Tiffany when she wasn't around, and saying that her dish was bland and he had a better idea that she didn't use. Mike laughs and says, "Of course he had a better idea." I'm glad that Marcel didn't get a ton of attention in this episode. I'm kind of surprised he came back at all. He seemed pretty bitter when he left. Anyway, the losers return to the Stew Room. Tiffany explains that she made a glaze and she explained to Marcel how to do it, but either she didn't tell him to dilute it, or she did and he just didn't do it. Either way, Tiffany knows that she is ultimately responsible.

The judges deliberate, starting with Dale. Paula says that she likes her potatoes done. How dare she? She adds that the fish was supposed to be the star and you couldn't taste it at all. Colicchio says he only tasted mustard and sausage, and it was like eating a hot dog. Moving on to Carla, Colicchio and Besh are both astounded that Carla took a beautiful grouper and masked the flavor with hot sauce and mustard. What is with mustard and seafood? That's not a flavor combination I normally eat. As for Tiffany, Colicchio wondered why there was so much sweet flavor on the shrimp. But they do have a decision, and we're about to hear it.

The three losers come out to learn who is going home. Colicchio gives his usual speech, starting with the fact that they were supposed to honor the fish, and they didn't. Dale buried the amberjack under a lot of spices. Tiffany overcooked her shrimp and put on a too-sweet glaze. Carla buried her grouper in hot sauce and mustard. So whose dish was the worst? It's...Dale. Holy shit. I really thought it would be Tiffany, and maybe Carla on the outside. Dale has been on a hot streak. In his exit interview, Dale actually cries. I am really proud of how Dale improved since he was on the first time. He even says that he didn't like himself very much the first time he was on, and he took it out on other people, but he knows he's a better person and a better chef now. And I know he did a pop-up version of his bodega concept recently. Good for him. Dale went from one of my least favorites to one of my favorites, and I really respect his abilities as a chef. And I'm mad that he went home before stupid, unoriginal Mike. Boo.

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