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Gone Fishing

Everyone runs to the pantry and grabs oil and ingredients. Dale explains that his flavor spectrum is like the exact opposite of Paula's, so he's taking oysters, wrapping them in beef, and breading them with flour. Antonia admits that she fries food more often than she should, and she has an idea for a fried shrimp salad. Mike explains that there's a piece of chicken that's known as the "chicken oyster," and he's going to fry that. Then he admits that he and Blais were talking about a similar recipe this morning, and Blais had it in his little book, and Mike's been thinking about it all day. Blais, in the meantime, has decided to fry some mayonnaise first. But he has to freeze it in ball form first. He admits it's "not a heart smart dish."

Carla knows that Southern food is her genre, but quickfires are not her best, because she gets all frazzled. She breads some fish, but she lets it sit too long before putting it in the fryer (that's a thing that happens?) and she thinks it's too bland, and definitely not what she was shooting for. Tiffany loves fish or chicken fry. I do too! In my part of the country anyway, lots of restaurants and organizations do takeout fish fries on Fridays during Lent. So that's coming right up! And they are great. Anyway, even though she's from the South, Tiffany doesn't really cook Southern food, but she grew up eating it, so she's familiar with it.

Mike thinks his dish is better than the others because it's more simple. And also, he stole the idea from Blais. Time is called and Antonia looks around and realizes that everyone else plated two dishes, one for each judge. And she only did one. Oops. Padma and Paula step up to Antonia first, and she explains that she made fried avocado, shrimp and jalapeno, grilled corn, tomato, and fried herbs. Paula lurves it.

They move on to Dale, who made fried steak-wrapped oyster with egg yolk omelet, parsley tips, and chives. It looks pretty good, but I think it needs a sauce. Seems like it would be kind of dry, and it would tie the disparate elements together. Blais made fried bacon with fried mayonnaise, tomato, and cucumber. Hmm. I'm not sure how I would feel about bacon with mayonnaise on top. I'm down with the fried mayonnaise, but maybe with something else. Paula jokes that her hair looks like Blais's when she wakes up in the morning and I think she's flirting with him.

Tiffany explains that she's from the South, so she made fried chicken and pickles, and honey mustard sauce with a cilantro and cumin salad. I think Paula should get Padma's job. Not that she needs the work, but she's so much more fun to watch and so much more into it. Carla made catfish with Dijon mustard, hushpuppies, coleslaw with mayo, hot sauce, and mint. So it's a fish fry. Not so creative, really. Carla knew her hushpuppies weren't great, and she feels bad about that.

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