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Gone Fishing

Padma introduces their other guest judge for the Elimination Challenge: John Besh, and Blais explains that he's "the face of the modern New Orleans chef." Besh enters and explains that he belongs to a foundation that is trying to help Gulf Coast fishermen get their business back after the horrific oil spill last year. So the challenge is to cook Gulf Coast seafood for three hundred people at a fundraiser for the Gulf. Besh explains that they'll be getting some help too!

In walks the six previously eliminated cheftesants, each holding a tray of raw seafood. So each cheftestant gets to choose a protein, but they also have to (or get to) cook with the person holding that protein. Blais explains that, as a chef, he can cook whatever, so he's going to pick based on the chef. He says he's concerned about who to work with (shot of smiling Fabio) and who "might not be mentally fit right now" (shot of scowling Marcel). Blais thinks that Angelo just got eliminated, so he's got to be hurting.

Mike gets to pick first, because he won. He sees that Marcel has white shrimp, and he'd love to cook it, but he doesn't want to work with Marcel. So he chooses Tiffani and her brown shrimp. Mike gets to decide who goes next, and to his credit, he chooses Blais and admits that Blais inspired his dish. That is a very loose interpretation of the word "inspired." Anyway, Blais chooses his hetero lifemate, Fabio, who has snapper. Carla takes Tre and red grouper. Tiffany really doesn't want to work with Marcel, but she really wants to make shrimp. She announces that she'll take the white shrimp. Awkward pause. Oh, and Marcel. Everyone laughs and Marcel tries to pretend like he was in on the joke, but he totally wasn't. Antonia takes "Spike and his crabs," (ha ha!) leaving Dale to take Angelo and his amberjack, which is enormous. He's basically carrying a whale around on a platter. And it looks as ridiculous as you might imagine.

Padma sets them loose to shop at Restaurant Depot and Whole Foods. They will have two and a half hours to cook in the kitchen and then another thirty minutes on site. They have fifteen minutes to plan before shopping begins. Antonia tells Spike that she wants to make crab cakes, and interviews that she and Spike have "a love/hate relationship" but that it's playful. I think that probably describes the majority of the relationships in Spike's life. Tiffani is basically telling Mike what to do, like coating the shrimp in grits, and that there are never potatoes in gumbo. Oh, how I wish he had served gumbo with potatoes to Paula Deen and John Besh. Damn you, Tiffani!

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