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Dale admits that Southern cooking isn't his thing, but baking isn't his thing either, and he just won a cookie challenge. Angelo thinks Dale has gotten into Blais's head. What isn't in Blais's head? He's always too much in his head, and worrying about things, and overanticipating and overpreparing. Blais explains that he's going to do snapper and grits and try to work in some pulled pork. He's a little worried because it's a new recipe and something he's never made before, but his strategy has been to always make new dishes on the show and not use other people's recipes. ZING!

Tiffany and Marcel are trying to plan but Tiffany is mumbling something and I have no idea what she's saying. The captioning says she's "made out of doubts" and "known for just grabbing." That makes zero sense, but I rewatched like ten times and I still don't know what in the hell she said. Marcel is trying to be all strategic about what they should do when, and Tiffany interviews that she's going to deal with him by just telling him what she wants and letting him know that she's not interested in his ideas. So that should go well.

Carla is trying to bond with Tre over Southern cooking. She assumed that, because he's African-American and from the South, they had the same cultural references. But instead, Tre grew up in the city and didn't eat things like greens and chow chow. Carla is dumbfounded.

First, they head to Restaurant Depot. The Blais and Fabio love-fest is in full effect. They're looking for hot sauce and Fabio keeps picking out the wrong ones. Blais interviews that he's not sure why they became such good friends, because they are so different, but Fabio said Blais reminds him of his ex-wife. So...that's weird.

Then they head to Whole Foods. Dale and Angelo want something that they think is going to be popular, because they both full-out spring to the back of the store. To the bacon? I guess there isn't a ton of bacon available? I don't know. Carla is being more leisurely as she explains to Tre that she's going to make the same fish that she tried for the Quickfire. She interviews that when she doesn't execute something well, she keeps remaking it until it's good. I do that too. I have served my husband the same meal three times in a week because I want to get it right. Luckily, he doesn't give a shit. He likes food. Once the shopping is done, the sous chefs head home and the cheftestants head back to their apartment.

Once they arrive home, Carla immediately brings up the Quickfire, and how Paula Deen said her hushpuppies tasted like spitballs. Everyone seems pretty loose, but Carla says that there are a lot of nerves. Antonia reminds them that she didn't plate enough dishes, and that's the only reason she didn't win. Mike thanks her for the money as Antonia interviews that Mike should give her the money, since he won because of disqualification using someone else's dish. Hmm. I never thought he should give the money to Antonia. I do think he should share it with Blais. I guess it's because Antonia's mistake was entirely her own.

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