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Gone Fishing

Blais and Mike are sitting next to one another, not talking. In the bedroom, Antonia tells Tiffany and Carla how the dish was in Blais's notebook, and they were just talking about it this morning, and then Mike made it for the challenge. Apparently, it was a chicken oyster served on an oyster shell. Wow. That is really shitty. I mean, Mike could have made ANYTHING. He could have made fried chicken a million different ways. That is just shitty. I still don't think the show needs to intervene in any way, but Mike should be shunned. More than he already is.

The next day, the cheftestants and their assistants run into the kitchen and start prepping. Dale is having a hard time with the amount of people in the kitchen, since it has doubled. Antonia wants to make a dish that will honor the seafood, so she's using a shit ton of Maker's Mark. I don't know. Maybe she wants to get everyone drunk so they don't remember the oil spill? Carla instructs Tre how to prep the collard greens, and interviews that he buys collard greens in a can, so she doesn't trust him with them at all. I wouldn't even buy collard greens in a can and I am as far from Southern as you can get. Well, not really. My grandmother's family is from South Carolina, but none of them cook.

Mike is running around heckling everyone. Antonia doesn't know why he would do that. Um, because he's feeling defensive because he knows he shouldn't have won the Quickfire? So he's deflecting by turning it on everyone else? Antonia thinks it might be because Tiffani is basically creating Mike's dish for him, so he doesn't have enough to do. Also valid.

So Antonia and Spike are getting along, and Mike and Tiffani are getting along. Tiffany and Marcel on the other hand. Dot dot dot. Marcel keeps telling Tiffany that she should keep some of the shrimp heads and cook them in the sauce to extract flavor. Tiffany kind of ignores him, so he keeps saying it. And keeps saying it. Over and over. Oh my GOD! I think he's right, culinarily speaking, but SHUT UP. Tiffany finally shuts him down and says that she's more worried about getting all of the ingredients prepped at this point. Dale interviews that, if anyone can put Marcel in his place, it's Tiffany. I do get the sense that Tiffany doesn't suffer fools. And good for her.

It's time to pack up and it is insanity in that kitchen. People are running everywhere. Someone left the liquid nitrogen open, so that is spilling out in great clouds of freeze. The racks are filled, and the cheftestants leave, and the aftermath is not pretty. I guess they don't have to clean up after themselves? That's kind of bullshit.

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