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Gone Fishing

The cheftestants all arrive at the ballroom and have thirty minutes to prep before service. Dale is worried, because he feels like it's a lot of people for which to cook, and there's a lot he should have gotten done in their home kitchen, and he didn't. Blais knows he's taking a risk putting pulled pork and seafood on one plate, and he hopes the judges get where he's coming from. Mars? Isn't that usually where he's coming from? Carla was planning to make cornbread, but she can't get it to work, so she's not serving it. But she knows that her dish won't be quite up to par as a result, and she won't be redeemed.

The guests arrive, and it's time for service. Mike thinks he and Tiffani are doing well, even though they're the first table. Blais serves his grits, but calls it polenta, because he tells the guests that Fabio is Italian and only knows how to make polenta. I don't think that's a joke that will fly outside of chef circles. The judges arrive, and Besh explains to some others what his charity was been doing. They're paying mortgage bills and utility bills for the fishermen until their business rebounds. It sounds like a great charity that is really getting in there and helping out.

Time for service! First up is Mike, who worked with Tiffani to create grit-crusted Gulf shrimp, sour cream and chive potatoes with pork and lobster sauce. Besh thinks Mike hit the nail on the head, and Colicchio adds that the flavors are all there, and really clean. I'm interested in how much Mike did and how much Tiffani did. Mike seems like the type who would not even be ashamed that he didn't do much work, because if Tiffani was willing to do it, why should he bother?

Blais and Fabio are butting heads over something. Who knows what? But the end result is that they don't see the judges approach the table. Oops. Anyway, they eventually serve crispy Gulf snapper with pulled pork and citrus grits. Besh is surprised that the fish and meat worked together, and Colicchio likes that it's not really aggressively seasoned. Padma adds that it's pretty light.

I don't know what is going on with Dale and Angelo, but it's not good. They're not managing their output well, and so they have to actually suspend service for a while and regroup. Dale is reworking on the sauce, thickening it, adding more vegetables, etc. And if he's basically redoing the dish on the fly during the event - that's not good. Angelo tries to calm him down. Let's restate that. ANGELO is trying to calm him down. ANGELO. World class spaz. Oh, Dale.

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