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Gone Fishing

Meanwhile, Tiffany runs out of her red pepper honey glaze, so she asks Marcel to whip up another batch so that she can concentrate on service. And then she starts serving Marcel's version without tasting it. Oh, dear. Serving without tasting never ends well for anyone.

Another person who is overwhelmed by service is Carla, who notes that the people just keep coming and keep coming. And then they judges are there! Carla explains that she worked with Tre to make fried grouper with collard greens and chow-chow pico. Paula doesn't like the collard greens, and Colicchio thinks there's too much hot sauce on the fish and Besh thinks the seasoning is off. Carla interviews that guests are coming back and saying that her dish was not their favorite. Oof.

Tiffany worked with Marcel, and they made honey-glazed shrimp, grits with jalapeno and cheese, and shellfish sauce. Besh thinks the glaze is okay, but it overpowers the flavor of the shrimp. Paula actually thinks the glaze is too sweet. Colicchio thought the shrimp was overcooked AND he didn't like the glaze. That doesn't sound good.

Dale tells the judges that he worked with Angelo to make amberjack stew with andouille sausage and potatoes with a Creole mustard crouton. Padma immediately notices that the potato is undercooked. Colicchio and Besh think the crouton has too much mustard and it completely overpowers the rest of the dish.

Antonia worked with Spike to make a blue crab cake, corn, jalapeno and andouille relish with crab broth. Besh points out how delicate the crab is, and yet you can still taste it. Colicchio says she made "a great sauce."

The judges are done, and Paula points out that it was a lot of pressure. Besh thinks that some did well and some really didn't. The cheftestants say goodbye to their sous chefs. Even Tiffany hugs Marcel. Fabio is still assuring Blais that his food was great and he doesn't need to worry. Carla is worried that she'll be sent home because she only made that dish due to pride and didn't cook from her heart.

Weird interstitial. Antonia sent Spike out to eavesdrop on the judges, but instead he flirted with ladies and broke a wine glass.

In the Stew Room, the cheftestants all agree that it was crazy. Carla and Tiffany are both bummed that they might go home on a Southern food challenge. Carla laments that her food wasn't fancy, and Tiffany says it doesn't matter if it had flavor. Padma breaks up the pity party by coming in and asking to see Blais, Antonia, and Mike.

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