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Gone Fishing

Those three go out and face the judges. Padma tells them that they are the top three, and they are intensely relieved. Besh tells Blais that he would never think to marry seafood and pulled pork, and it was awesome. Mike talks about how he made his food and tried to give it lots of flavor. Paula Deen loves how he coated the shrimp with grits and Mike just nods like, "Yes, that was a genius move on my part," except for where it was Tiffani's idea. Food idea stealer. Besh tells Antonia that her dish had great balance, and the addition of sausage made it really special. So who is the winner? Besh says it was all wonderful, but the winning dish was the most balanced. Paula announces that the winner is Blais, who feels honored to be recognized by amazing Southern chefs. Padma tells him that he won a trip to the Barbados and money for airfare. Blais says he's going to invite Fabio to go with him and his family. Because he knows how to thank someone who contributed to your win. MIKE.

Back in the Stew Room, the top three have to send the bottom three out for judging. After the bottom three leave, Antonia tells Mike not to burp or fart on her, or flick a booger on her. Look, I love gross-out humor as much as the next emotionally-stunted gal, but that is just gross. Especially because then Mike does burp, and he is a gross belcher. I like a nice clean belch. Loud and clear. He has one of those forced belches that is like millimeters away from a burp. Gross.

Dale, Carla, and Tiffany arrive in front of the judges. Tiffany says that Marcel cooked the shrimp and helped her out. Besh tells her that they were slightly overcooked, and he knows that she didn't cook them. Tiffany takes responsibility and says that regardless, it was her dish. Paula was excited to see that the heads remained on the shrimp, but the sweetness of the glaze confused the dish.

Moving on to Dale -- let's hear how he sucked, shall we? Colicchio says there were problems with raw potatoes. Dale knew, and explains that they were cooking the soup in batches, and the judges got a bad batch. Colicchio wonders why he didn't ask the judges to wait, and Dale says that he was so frazzled at that point that he didn't know what to do. Colicchio brings up the mustardy crouton and Besh says there were too many flavors competing, and you couldn't taste the amberjack. Dale just agrees.

Carla says she wanted to redo the fish because she failed earlier, and she felt a lot of pressure because everyone expected her to ace this challenge. Colicchio didn't understand why she doused such a beautiful fish in hot sauce and mustard. Paula thought none of the dish made any sense or complemented the other parts. Carla just says, "I get it." She does? Then why did she do it?

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