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Kelly laments the loss of Andrea. Why is she so sad? Now she has a single room, right? I would be thrilled when my roommates got eliminated; first of all, that means I made it one step closer to winning, and second of all, who wants a roommate? Especially if you are over the age of 20, I think sleeping in a room with another person to whom you are not related or having sex with is tough. I'm just saying. Then again, I'm not much of a camper or a tent person or whatever. I like my bed in my bedroom with my cats and husband in it. The End. Anyway, Kelly's turn in the bottom three after "a fatal flaw" in seasoning (someone died because she used too much salt?) has inspired her to step it up. Because before, she was just half-assing it.

And what of the Pea Puree Debacle from last week? Alex is still claiming that he didn't even know Ed made a pea puree, which we know is a lie, and that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks, which is probably a lie, given how much Alex likes attention. Ed says he's more confused than angry about the whole thing, and wishes that he knew if someone stole it or threw it out or what. He claims he's Perplexed about the Possibly Purloined Pea Puree. I think we can all agree that "pea puree" is this season's scallop.

Tiffany reflects that there are only nine left out of the original seventeen, and that before coming to the show, she was getting ready for her wedding in Costa Rica. Why there? Is her fiancé from there? She just likes it? I have a thing against destination weddings, but I guess it's my issue. I just think it's shitty to force your probably broke friends and family to travel so far to your wedding. It's different if you're either rich enough to pay for their travel yourself, or if they are all far-flung and would have to travel to your wedding anyway. But if you all live a few hours drive from one another, and then you make everyone fly to the Bahamas or something, that's shitty. Anyway. I don't know if that's what Tiffany's planning or not, and I hope not, because she's one of the few remaining contestants that I like.

The cheftestants report to the kitchen and find Padma waiting with Marcus Samuelsson, winner of the most recent Top Chef Masters, who is known for his expertise in Ethiopian and Asian cuisine. Padma explains that DC is known for its diversity and global cuisine, but Ethiopian cuisine is probably most prominent. Stephen explains that he anticipated this challenge because of the large amount of Ethiopian restaurants around.

Quickfire Challenge: Make an Ethiopian-inspired dish. Marcus gives them a quick tutorial in Ethiopian cuisine. He advises them to use the berbere, a spice, and the injera, a sourdough pancake type of flat bread. He also recommends that they make a wat, which is a stew (with a protein like chickpeas, lamb, or beef) that is often eaten using the injera as a utensil. Padma explains that the winner of the challenge will get immunity in the Elimination Challenge. But is it High Stakes? It is not. Just immunity, which Tiffany points out would be awesome to have this late in the competition.

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