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The morning after the most recent elimination, Melissa contemplates her mortality in the competition. She interviews that she realized that she could go home and she knows now that she needs to step it up. Ariane, on the other hand, is feeling good after winning the last Elimination Challenge, especially since she's older than all of her competitors. Around breakfast, Jamie shows off her stuffed animal (I think it's a puppy? Or possibly an elephant?) and reveals that Stefan fashioned some little pants for it out of a dish towel. Stefan is like Bob from Survivor with the using found materials to fashion crafts and whatnot. Jamie interviews that Stefan is cocky, but he also makes her presents and has a huge crush on her. She doesn't seem too bothered by it. Stefan interviews that he thinks Jamie is sexy and he loves her. Jamie reminds him, in an interview, that she is, in fact, a lesbian. Stefan is just cocky enough that he probably thinks he can overcome that.

Quickfire Challenge. The cheftestants walk into the kitchen and find Padma alone, with no guest judge. She explains that they're going to play "Identify That Ingredient" in order to test their palates. Jamie interviews that she thinks she has an awesome palate, and while she has come close to winning some Quickfires, she hasn't yet. And she'd really like to. I admire Jamie's confidence, but we haven't really seen if she has the goods to back it up. She's always talking about how she should win, and how great she is, and yet...she doesn't win. The cheftestants draw knives and notice that they end up getting paired up. Stefan is pleased that he gets paired up with his fake-girlfriend Jamie. Once everyone is paired, Padma explains that they will enter the kitchen and taste a sauce. Then they will bid against each other, Name That Tune style, as to who can name the most ingredients in the sauce. The winner of each round will move on, bracket-style.

First round is Hosea vs. Daniel. Daniel interviews that he feels like a winner today, and the immediately loses the coin toss to see who goes first. Hee! They both taste the shrimp and lobster bouillabaisse, and then Hosea claims that he can name four ingredients. Daniel think he can do the same, so Padma has to explain that he needs to go at least one higher. Daniel instead challenges Hosea to name those four ingredients. Hosea rattles off onion, shrimp, lemon, and carrot and moves on to the next round.

Jeff and Ariane are up next. Jeff ends up having to name six ingredients. He gets fennel and salt but then loses out on crab, so Ariane moves on. She interviews that the soup has thirty ingredients, so really, naming six shouldn't be THAT hard. Except that Jeff chose the wrong shellfish. Jamie and Stefan face off. Jamie interviews that Stefan is an asshole and a button-pusher, but she knows that's his role on the show. That was kind of meta, no? Anyway, Stefan has to name five ingredients, and he names salt, lemon, pepper, lobster, and olive oil. He's right and he moves on, calling it an ass whipping. Eugene and Leah face off. Eugene claims he can name four, but he guesses fish sauce, which is wrong. He heads off to the Stew Room, where he greets the other losers. I think I enjoy Quickfire Challenges more because since no one gets eliminated, the cheftestants tend to have a little more fun with them. The next person to make it through the first round is Radhika, who names three ingredients to beat Fabio. Carla claims that she can think of an ingredient and taste it IN HER MIND, because she is awesome. She names three ingredients to take Melissa out.

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