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A Few Extra Mushrooms

On to Round Two, where they have to taste Thai Green Curry. Hosea takes out Ariane by naming coconut milk, sugar, Thai basil, ginger, salt, pepper, and Thai chili. Pretty impressive. Stefan and Leah go head-to-head and Stefan tries to play mind games. He ends up naming eight ingredients easily and eliminating her. Leah interviews that Stefan is an asshole and she's pissed that she lost to him. Radhika tells Carla that she can name seven ingredients, but she gets one wrong. She's embarrassed because she feels like her palate is better than that.

In the final round, Hosea, Stefan, and Carla are left. They'll each taste the sauce, which is a Mexican mole sauce, and then take turns naming ingredients like it's a spelling bee. Carla goes first and says peanut butter, which is wrong. I guess she couldn't taste that one in her mind. Stefan and Hosea each name three ingredients correctly, but then Stefan says "tomato paste," which is wrong. Stefan has to name something correctly, and he says "vegetable oil," so he wins. He gets immunity from elimination. Hosea interviews that it was fun to beat Stefan, since he has a huge ego, and Hosea "out-palated him." That's true -- this wasn't a judged competition, so the loser can't even claim that the judges had it in for him.

Elimination Challenge. The cheftestants draw knives and notice that they are each getting words on their knives: "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue." Ariane interviews that, since she's married, she knows the saying about weddings that fits with those words. Really? You have to be married to know that one? Sometimes Ariane seems like she digs her role as old lady/den mother/cougar a little too much. Radhika was really hoping she wouldn't be on Stefan's team -- she would rather be on Satan's team. Luckily, she's not on his team. Stefan's. She might be on Satan's team. It's too soon to tell. The teams gather together and learn that they have to cook food that fits with their assigned theme.

Padma informs the groups that she's throwing a bridal shower for a friend and they'll be doing the cooking. And in walks...Gail! It's her shower. Daniel looks way too excited about Gail being there. He's all shiny and grinning and it's creeping me out a bit. Gail explains that her friends are all good eaters, who know food. Jamie interviews that she doesn't know anything about bridal showers, like they're any different from any other type of luncheon. Except there's gifts. Jamie also thinks "women are picky." For someone who loves women, Jamie doesn't seem to LOVE women all that much. Gail says that she doesn't love veal or black beans, but she's open to whatever food, and she thinks that the cheftestants will want to impress the guests, many of whom will be her colleagues at Food & Wine magazine.

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