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A Few Extra Mushrooms

The "Something Borrowed" team is Ariane, Radhika, and Jamie. Jamie immediately suggests that they should make Indian-inspired food and claim that the recipes were borrowed from Radhika's mother. Radhika interviews that she's still worried about being known as the chef who can only cook Indian food, and while her mother cooked Indian every day, Radhika wants to take those flavors and express them in a different way. We don't see Radhika telling any of this to Jamie, so apparently they are just going with Indian full stop.

The "Something Blue" team is Melissa, Leah, and Fabio. Have I mentioned that Melissa is wearing a stupid green trucker hat backwards and slightly sideways? And how much that hat just makes me kind of hate her? I get if she's having a bad hair day or whatever, but...ugh. That hat. They try to figure out how to make something blue, which Fabio thinks is the hardest theme. Fabio suggests some sort of ocean fish, since the ocean is blue. No one else has anything, so they go with that.

The "Something New" team is Daniel, Carla, and Eugene. Daniel's first suggestion is that they pickle something. Because Gail likes it. What? And also, how is that new? Carla asks just that, and gets no answer. Eugene suggests sushi, and comes up with a "surf and turf sushi roll," which would have shrimp inside and seared filet mignon on top. Which doesn't really seem like it qualifies as sushi, and also totally seems like something you would find in Las Vegas. And guess where Eugene is from? Carla interviews that she wasn't too sure about the whole sushi thing, because she doesn't understand how it fits the theme. Eugene asks if they are both comfortable with this idea, and Daniel says he really is, and Carla doesn't say much, but she also doesn't speak up. I guess she's thinking that if you don't have anything better, she should go with what someone else said.

The "Something Old" team is Jeff, Hosea, and Stefan. They immediately decide to use heirloom tomatoes to go with the "old" theme (not to mention that when this was filmed, those were probably totally in season and delicious!). They're planning on each making their own dish to fit the theme. Jeff wants to make a tomato Carpaccio and a tomato sorbet. Stefan immediately shoots down the idea of a sorbet, because he's catered, and he thinks it will be a disaster. He might be right, but he's also kind of being an ass about it. Jeff interviews that working with Stefan on a team will always cause issues. Stefan interviews that he knows what works and what doesn't, and Jeff has no clue. They bicker about it for a while, and finally Jeff says that if his sorbet melts, he'll be the one going home. So apparently that's enough for Stefan and they move on.

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