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A Few Extra Mushrooms

Planning is over, and the teams head to Whole Foods, where they have thirty minutes and $800 for shopping. Fabio picks out some sea bass, even smelling it to make sure that it isn't off in any way. The "Something New" team is just a mess. Eugene is running around looking for rice, Daniel is eating peach sorbet samples, and Carla is wandering around yelling, "Hootie?" She explains in an interview that she and her husband yell out "Hootie Hoo!" in the manner of "Marco Polo" in order to find each other in crowded situations. Which is cute and all, but why would she think anyone but her husband would respond to that? I think the editors just love her, because she always has something weird to say in interviews. Meanwhile, Eugene and Danny are picking out ingredients with Eugene taking the lead, because Danny is suddenly really unsure of himself, especially when it comes to sushi. The "Something Old" team picks out their tomatoes, and Stefan starts barking out orders and telling them what to do and which tomatoes to get and whatnot. Stefan interviews that Hosea has immunity, so he doesn't trust him. Stefan is looking out for himself only. That doesn't really explain why he was ordering his teammates to pick certain tomatoes, except that he just loves telling people what to do.

Back in the kitchen, the cheftestants have two and a half hours to prep. Jamie explains the "Something Borrowed" team's menu: Eastern spiced lamb marinated in yogurt, vadouvan carrot puree, wilted kale, and cucumber raita. Radhika explains that she's making the marinade for the lamb as well as the raita, both of which she's made a million times. Ariane is cooking the lamb.

The "Something New" team is making surf & turf sushi roll (Eugene), frisee salad in a won ton bowl (Carla), peach-miso BBQ sauce (Danny), and a yuzu sorbet (Carla, I think). What is the BBQ sauce for? The sushi roll? I don't even understand why that's on the menu. Also, that's all Danny is doing: making sauce. That hardly seems fair. Eugene is using a digital rice cooker to make rice. The timer goes off and he decides to leave the rice in there.

The "Something Blue" team is making Chilean sea bass (Fabio), roasted corn puree (Leah), and Swiss chard (Melissa). It seems a bit simple compared to some of the other menus. Like, what is Melissa doing to the Swiss chard? That's not even a dish, really. Fabio interviews that they will be feeding well-educated women with great palates tomorrow, so it's scary.

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