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A Few Extra Mushrooms

The "Something Old" team is making a tomato terrine wrapped in eggplant (Stefan), Carpaccio with tomato sorbet (Jeff), and gazpacho (Hosea). Hosea admits that he's taking a backseat because he has immunity and he doesn't feel right about ordering people around when he's not the one who'll be getting eliminated.

Eugene realizes that his rice is too sticky. He blames the rice cooker but I have to wonder a little bit about his decision to leave the rice in the cooker for God knows how long after it was done -- seems like that could cause sticky rice. Colicchio shows up and starts talking to "Something Blue." Colicchio claims there's no blue food, and even blueberries are actually purple. Fabio says that the deep sea is blue, so that's how they came up with their theme, and Colicchio goes with it. Next, he goes over to "Something Borrowed" and Jamie explains how they are borrowing culture as well as one of Jamie's secret ingredients that she brought with her. Ariane interviews that lamb is her contribution and she might have to stand next to the oven and watch it cook to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Colicchio heads over to "Something New," who explain about their sushi roll concept. Colicchio looks dubious. He tells them they're balancing a lot of different elements, and Eugene claims that it will give the diners a new insight on sushi. Coliccio's still not buying it, but he's going to let them hang themselves, I guess. Finally, he heads to "Something Old," where the guys tell him about their three tomato dishes. He finds out that Stefan's been married twice to the same woman, and they're now divorced again. Stefan is kind of fascinating. I wouldn't want to hang out with him, but I'd love to hear more about his story. Colicchio gives his overview of the teams to the camera. He thinks Blue's dishes seem boring and New's food is a little too out there, which could be spectacular or terrible. Eugene explains that he's had failed rice many times, and he's learned to rescue it with flavors and texture. I've never been able to rescue rice, but I'm not a trained chef. Melissa worries that her team's dishes lack pizzazz. Perhaps they should present it while wearing bowler hats and making spirit fingers?

Back at the apartment, Eugene suggests to his teammates that they present their food by having the diners build their own sushi roll. That's an interesting idea, but I think you have to explain to people how to do it, which might take too much time. And also, at a fancy luncheon, people don't want to get their fingers all sticky and such. Eugene thinks it's a new style so it fits their theme. Stefan expresses doubt and Eugene gets all defensive and starts yelling at him and tells him not to worry about their dish, because it's none of his beeswax.

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