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A Few Extra Mushrooms

Weird Interstitial. Stefan hits on Jamie and tries to convince her to kiss him. Jamie just laughs at him and refuses to do so. For some reason, Carla is all up in the middle of the discussion as well.

The next day, everyone is up bright and early. Leah and Hosea are playing cards and flirting. Hosea interviews that they flirt, but they both have significant others back home, and they're just friends. I don't know if Leah knows that they're just friends. She seems kind of into him. Fabio interviews that he got married two years ago, and he cooked for his wife's bridal shower. He knows how important bridal showers are for women. Really? Because my bridal shower was nice and all but it's not like it was the highlight of the season or anything. Ariane is also married (don't know if you knew that) and she wants to make it special for Gail. They're all acting like this is Gail's actual bridal shower, and not some fake-y bridal shower cooked up for the show. Like she's not having another real shower catered by real chefs. Please.

The cheftestants arrive at the locale. Radhika is overwhelmed by the beautiful ambience and worries that their food won't match up. "Something Old" is going first. Hosea interviews that they have to make the first impression. He just hopes that the guests finish eating their food and think that it couldn't get any better. Colicchio shows up in the kitchen and says that he wasn't allowed in the shower, so they stuck him in the kitchen. Aw, poor Tom. Fabio interviews that having Colicchio there while he cooks is like if he were a priest and the Pope was in the room. Stefan doesn't think Jeff's sorbet is going to go over well because it's "not sexy." Hosea's hands are shaking badly as he carries some plates out, but he manages not to spill anything. Once the ladies are all served, Padma introduces the guest judge, the editor-in-chief of Food & Wine magazine, Dana Cowin. Jeff explains his dish first, and even the beauty shot looks pretty gross. Stefan's dish doesn't look much better. Hosea's gazpacho looks okay, I guess. That's just a lot of tomato on one plate. There are positive comments all around, although someone says the terrine was a little bland. Poor Colicchio has to eat all by himself back in the kitchen. He wolfs down all three dishes. He practically licks the plate.

"Something New" will be the next team to serve. Eugene thinks they have a unique dish, and a unique presentation. He tries to equate the choice of what to put in your sushi to Gail's choice of getting along with her new in-laws? That's a bit of a stretch. Danny cuts up some shitake mushrooms to put in the bottom of Carla's salad. The problem is, he didn't clear this with Carla first. Why would you want a pile of mushrooms at the bottom of the bowl? It would look like a pile of poop. While they are plating, Carla notices Danny putting the mushrooms in the salad, but apparently she doesn't say anything to him about it. Hosea interviews that he thinks they have too much on each plate. When we see the plates, there are little dabs and dots all over the plate, and then a ton of components of the sushi. Danny interviews that he thinks the sheer number of components makes their plate new. They finally take the dishes out and set them down. Eugene explains that all their sushi ingredients are cooked, because sushi doesn't have to be raw. But then no one explains the whole thing about rolling your own sushi. The diners start holding up various parts and asking what to do with that. Gail complains that the shrimp was cold and tasted bad. They all agree that they hope Gail's marriage is better than this dish. Ouch.

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