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A Few Extra Mushrooms

Now we go to "Team Borrowed." Jamie really wants to win this one. Are they going to start every competition from now on with Jamie explaining how much she wants to win it? Ariane tries to figure out when her lamb needs to go in the oven, but she has some math issues. Radhika is a little concerned since Ariane hasn't always been at the top of the pack. Ariane checks the temperature on her lamb, and it's not quite ready. Jamie gets all stern and asks when it will be ready. So now they have to wait to plate the food. Hosea and Jeff recommend that they wait a minute or two so their lamb won't be rare. The lamb finishes and they start an assembly line to plate the food. All the cheftestants pitch in, which is actually really nice, because they don't have to do that. And they could also sabotage, but they don't. Jamie explains their borrowed culture theme to the guests. The guests agree that the lamb is delicious and cooked perfectly. They have no complaints. Gail is really happy with the dishes.

The fourth course is set to be served by "Something Blue." Leah interviews that she thought Fabio's fish needed a little more seasoning, but she trusts him. Jamie interviews that their food looked boring. It really does. It's a hunk of fish sitting in a yellow puddle. Not the most appetizing look. Leah interviews that they decided to have Fabio talk to the women, because he's so charming with his accent. So of course, Fabio charms the pants off them, even though he's spouting nonsense about how green and yellow make blue (they don't - - blue and yellow make green and blue's a primary color, which I learned from a record I had as a kid about red and yellow beans making orange beans). Gail thinks it tasted like "old people food" and Dana Cowin wishes the food were a little more challenging, which is a nice way of saying it was bland. Colicchio congratulates all the cheftestants for their work. Meanwhile, Gail thanks all of her guests for showing up. This is why they had to extend the episode fifteen minutes? So we could see Gail getting all sappy?

The cheftestants head into the Stew Room to wait. Padma comes in and asks for "Something Old" and "Something Borrowed" to head out for Judges' Table. Padma immediately tells them that they are both the favorites. Colicchio compliments Jeff's sorbet. Stefan glowers at Jeff. Or at Colicchio. He glowers at someone. Gail liked Jamie's carrot puree, and they all have nice things to say about Ariane's lamb. Dana Cowin gets to announce the winner, and she says this person made "the most flavorful component of the evening." While they pause, Jamie whispers that she really wants this win. Too bad, Jamie! The winner is Ariane! Even Ariane is like, "Me?" Seriously. I mean, she didn't even make the marinade for her lamb, and they're giving her the win because of her flavors? That's bullshit. Especially after they had such nice things to say about Jamie's dish, which it seems like she created on her own. Anyway, Ariane wins a knife set and they are told to send in the other two teams. Jamie interviews that she's bummed because "none of us expected anyone but [Jamie] to win," which sounds really arrogant, but maybe it's just honest? I don't know.

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