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A Few Extra Mushrooms

The "Something New" and "Something Blue" teams head to Judges' Table. Gail didn't understand the "New" dish at all. Eugene says that he should have explained how to assemble the dish. He also cops to making the sticky rice, but he wanted to use it instead of waste it. Dana says his tactics didn't camouflage the crappy rice. Carla and Eugene admit that they weren't happy with the dish that their team put out, but Daniel claims that he was. Colicchio lists all the things that were wrong with that dish, and can't believe Danny thought it was good. Padma asks about the mushrooms at the bottom of the salad, and Danny admits that he did it. Padma thought Carla did the salad, and Carla says she did, but she didn't know about the mushrooms, and she didn't taste them. Danny says he did, and he thought they tasted fine. Colicchio, using his very serious "Are you fucking kidding me with this?" face, says that the mushrooms were bad and asks Danny again if he was happy with their dish. Danny still says he is, because he apparently can't take a fucking hint.

So now on to "Something Blue." Leah thought they were creative in coming up with food that fit their theme. Gail explains that flavor-wise, the food was fine, but it lacked texture, and people were calling it "nursing home food." Colicchio says it was blue because it made him sad. It seemed too bland and safe. Fabio can't believe that they think cooking fish perfectly for forty people is safe, but Padma and Tom both think Chilean sea bass is a forgiving fish. Fabio knows that he should shut up, and does. Padma sends the children away so that the grown-ups can have a conversation. Eugene goes back in the Stew Room and says he's going to pull down his pants to show them that he just got ripped a new asshole. I don't know if he did so much as Danny, but whatever.

The judges can't believe that the Blue team would be proud of their mushy dish. But their sins pale in comparison to those of the New team, and Dana points out that each person on the team made "individual, catastrophic mistakes." Padma thinks Carla's salad was the only slightly good dish. Gail thought Carla was holding back her opinions so as not to rock the boat, but Dana and Padma thought she should have spoken up. Dana points out that Danny was basically made of fail. He ruined just about every dish he touched, and they were all baffled about his defense of the mushrooms. They also can't believe that Eugene tried to salvage bad rice, and they question his judgment.

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