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After Whitney's elimination, the cheftestants return to their apartment and start drinking booze. Nyesha interviews that she was shocked at how harsh Heather was to Beverly, and she thinks it says a lot about Heather's lack of integrity. Ty knows that he has come close to being eliminated a few times, and his goal going forward is to showcase the kind of chef that he is and show the judges that he deserves to be there. I get what he's saying but isn't that always his goal? Or is his goal to make some nonsense and hope the judges let him skate by?

The next morning, the cheftestants report to the kitchen at Le Cordon Bleu. They find Padma there with Tim Love, one of my favorites from Top Chef: Masters, and behind them on a table, tons of different kinds of tequila. Padma explains the Quickfire Challenge. They have to choose a tequila and make a dish that pairs with it. Ty is psyched because he's a tequila fanatic, and has even been to the place in Mexico where the tequila is made. I'm envisioning Snoopy's cousin Needles and a cactus and then a giant fountain that spews tequila. That's how it works, right? Tim Love explains that tequila is made to be sipped like wine, and they will need strong flavors in their food to match it. The cheftestants get to taste the tequila in order to choose one, and the winner doesn't get immunity, but does win $5,000.

The cheftestants run to taste tequila and see what's available in the walk-in. Sarah explains that she and her boss, Tony Mantuano, always do a shot of tequila in the airport when they fly, and it's always blanco. So she's pairing that, which has a green, fresh flavor, with a fennel risotto. Chris Moto talks about how he loves working with tequila, but it's really high in alcohol, so presumably when you apply heat, it would all burn off. Of course, they didn't specify that you had to put the tequila IN the dish, just WITH the dish. Ty explains to someone who probably doesn't care that he is doing a variant on a dish he came up with "while on the beach in Thailand" and hopes to "pick up on the caramelly, woodsy flavors." I want to like Ty, and then he goes and says pretentious things like that.

Chris Hollywood interviews that tequila reminds him of vacations and the beach, so he's making a raw oyster and hopes it will be simple and fresh. Beverly is also making oysters, but she's going to smoke hers. Dakota is making a lamb chop, which seems heavier than what everyone else is doing. Lindsay hopes to use her "lived in Mexico for three years" experience, although that didn't serve her very well in the last Mexican food challenge. Chris Moto goes to pan sear his chicken breast and he must have poured an entire bottle of tequila in because there's a huge fireball over his pan. Ty interviews kind of bitchily that Chris seems to be overcooking his chicken breast. Really? You think that giant fireball might not make for a juicy and delicious piece of chicken? Paul is jealous that he didn't think of making clams like Ty did, so that bodes well for Ty, since Paul has been really good at judging what dish to make lately. Chris Hollywood thinks he finally made a dish that reflects him as a chef, so he's satisfied.

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