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Finally, they talk about Tiffany's food. Bourdain was a big fan of her fish sauce and her curry. Ripert was disappointed that she cooked the pea shoots in the sauce, which made them lose their flavor. And Colicchio can't stop talking about how she didn't skin the peppers. I didn't even know you COULD skin peppers, but I have zero culinary training, unless you count what my mom taught me. And I've read some books here and there. And I cook dinner a lot for my family. Anyway, Colicchio concludes by saying that all five dishes were very good. Seriously, where was this food all season? Suddenly, everyone is awesome. Should be a good finale, regardless of who makes it.

The cheftestants are brought back in to find out who won't be going to Singapore, and who won this challenge. And the winner is... Angelo. Wow, really? Even with the candied ginger? I really thought it would be Ed. None of them had anything bad to say about his food, did they? Angelo wins the car, a trip to watch one of the two remaining shuttle launches, having his food in space, and a copy of Bourdain's book.

So now they're down to four, and one will be leaving. Tom tells them that it was a difficult decision. Kevin elevated a home dish. Kelly made her food look effortless. Tiffany's flavors leaped off the plate. Ed gave them a tremendous plate full of flavor. So who's the big loser? Kevin, probably. Right? Wait, it's Tiffany? FOR REAL? Kevin also thought it was going to be him. Tiffany cries in her exit interview. Aw, Tiffany. I really thought you could do it all, baby. I hope if they have another All-Stars thing, she gets to come back. I'd love to see her compete against some of the other seasons' cheftestants. Go get married and go to Paris, girl.

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