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Kevin checks on his pork belly and surprise! It's not cooking properly. He realizes he needs a different protein, so he decides to cook quail, probably because it's small and will cook quickly. He knows quail isn't really right for red wine, but he feels he doesn't have a choice. He quickly grills the quail pieces and explains that he's pissed at himself. He does get his food plated in time, which is a victory in some ways. It would look pretty bad at this phase of the competition if he couldn't even get food on his plate.

Padma and Dana return to taste the foods. Tiffany is up first, and she paired a Two Hands Shiraz with cocoa-and-black-pepper-crusted Wagyu tenderloin with spring risotto. It looks great, and Padma tells her that her meat is cooked beautifully. Kevin's dish ended up pairing Tangley Oaks Merlot with grilled quail, shaved apple-fennel salad and apple vinaigrette. I feel like none of those things go with merlot. I know nothing about wine, but all of those ingredients scream "white wine" to me. Kevin tries to convince them that quail can go with either white or red wine, but Dana says that the quail is quite delicate, meaning no-go on the pairing.

Angelo chose Evolution white wine and paired it with sautéed foie gras with black salt and fennel salad. Dana says only that it's "an interesting dish." Angelo looks crestfallen, because we all know that "interesting" can be a synonym for "not great" or "weird." Kelly paired Federalist Dry Creek zinfandel with wild boar tenderloin, blackberry conserve, mache and the blue cheese emulsion. That last part looks a lot like foam, and you all know how I feel about foams. Dana asks specifically about "the foam" and Kelly has to repeat that it's a blue cheese emulsion. She can say that all she wants but it's a foam.

And finally, Ed paired Il Poggione Rosso with grilled Waygu rib eye, spring potato risotto, and mushroom ragout. He explains that he wanted to use bold flavors. Padma and Dana have no comments so Ed just kind of looks around awkwardly, which made me laugh. What do you do when people taste your food and then say nothing about it? Awkward.

Dana is ready to announce the most and least successful. She says that the least successful pairing was Kevin's, and he nods since he totally knows it. She adds that the quail was beautifully cooked but the pairing didn't work. Dana also wasn't crazy about Kelly's blue cheese foam. So who was successful? Dana says that Angelo's food paired a crisp, light wine with a heavier dish. She liked Tiffany's food and thought the pairing was elegant. That's great for Tiffany, since she admitted she doesn't know much about wine. And the winner is (fast forward through commercial break)... Angelo! Tiffany just shakes her head and looks disappointed. Angelo reminds us that he hasn't won in three challenges, so he hopes he's gaining momentum. Kevin interviews that Angelo might have his mojo back. Honestly, if Angelo hadn't won either challenge this week, I would have written him off as the potential overall winner. He totally had the story arc going of the guy who started out strong and then tailed off.

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