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The cheftestants head to the grocery store to pick their food. Ed and Angelo head right to the meat counter. Ed is buying large racks of lamb. He interviews that he heard the astronauts like spicy food, so he intends to go "one hundred percent Moroccan." Angelo is buying short ribs while Tiffany looks for whitefish and Kelly's hunting down olive oil. Kelly interviews that the person eliminated tonight will be the only person who won't be allowed to go to Singapore. I think we get that, don't we? Meanwhile, Angelo is trying to joke around with Ed and he totally bonks some poor lady with his cart.

Kevin is taking a different approach to the challenge; he thinks the astronauts would like food that reminds them of home, since they probably get homesick up there. It's not a bad tactic, except that the astronauts' votes don't really count in this competition. Kevin explains that he comes from a food family, so he likes food that reminds him of home.

The cheftestants return to the kitchen and start prepping. We don't get to see it, but Tiffany apparently did the moonwalk. Damn! That would have been funny. Stupid cameras, missing things. Kelly interviews that she's never freeze dried anything, but she thinks that NASA can freeze dry just about anything these days. Angelo thinks it would "be extremely embarrassing" not to go to Singapore. I think Angelo has a lot to be embarrassed about, starting with his Russian mail-order bride, but what do I know? Kevin notes that everyone else seems to be doing more ethnic dishes, and he's cooking something mainstream and American, so he's kind of concerned about that.

Tiffany is really excited about her sauce. She explains that she uses simple ingredients and tries to make them flavorful, and she thinks that cooking from the soul is better than using really complicated recipes. So far that has been true, but we'll see if that philosophy can take her to the finals.

Colicchio shows up to talk to the cheftestants. He hasn't done this in a while, has he? I like his little talks. First Angelo explains that he's going to do braised short ribs and Colicchio gives him a funny look. Angelo asks what that was about, and Colicchio won't tell him. He does remind Angelo about what Vicki said, including not to make the dish too sweet. So now Angelo is all worried, since Tom gave him that look. What was the look about? Is it because he thinks short ribs won't freeze dry well? We will never know what goes on in Colicchio's mind, will we? And he didn't address it in his blog. I checked.

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