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Colicchio goes to Kelly next, who is all coy about her nerd-dom like, "Did I mention I went to space camp?" Tom calls her a nerd for real, and then she explains her dish, which Tom could not be less interested. She's making something called a barigoule, which is a fancy term for stewed artichokes apparently. The producers tell Tom to ask her something about making it so far and no one cares, not even Tom. He barely listens to her response.

Chef Colicchio moves on to talk to Ed about his Middle Eastern dish. I wouldn't call Morocco part of the Middle East. I guess cuisine-wise, it is, what with the cous cous and the tagines and whatnot. Tom jokes that he's not sure about Middle Eastern cuisine, but Ed reminds him that it's supposed to be spicy.

Colicchio talks to Tiffany about her food, and asks if she's cooking something that is what she would normally cook. Tiffany says that she's coming on strong because she went back to cooking with bold flavors, which is her thing. And finally, Tom talks to Kevin about his very American food. Kevin explains that he heard that the astronauts like comfort foods, and he's just going to try to make it refined. Then Tom leaves, and we really didn't learn much from that visit. Colicchio is no Tim Gunn. That's for sure.

As time is running out, Kelly is putting something in the fridge and she notices that Tiffany's mussels are frozen. That means she can't use them, and they were an integral part of her dish. And then time runs out, although it's not like she could go back to the store, so the time wasn't really an issue.

That night, Tiffany talks to Ed about her problem, and says that she threw away the mussels. Ed advises her to just focus on cooking really good food, and the missing mussels won't matter. Meanwhile, Kevin tells us that he's a good cook. Well, he did make it this far, so I can't argue with that. Then he tells us about his dead mom, so that's sad. But really doesn't have much to do with cooking.

The next morning, there's some product placement with a vehicle. They get to drive it to the final challenge and the winner will get to take it home. I don't get paid to advertise, so I'm not telling you what the vehicle is, but who would turn down a free new car? No one, that's who.

After lots of glamour shots of the car, the cheftestants arrive in the kitchen for their final preparations. They're greeted by the executive chef of the kitchen, which seemed kind of pointless. It's a little tight in the kitchen, so Ed and Kevin go and grab another table for prep work. Kelly interviews that she thinks Ed will be the one who doesn't get to go to the finals. Meanwhile, Tiffany is trying to figure out how to finish her dish without the mussels. She interviews that she started working at IHOP in tenth grade, and they told her that ladies weren't allowed in the kitchen, but she worked her way in there. That sounds more like IHOP is a sexist institution than that Tiffany worked hard. Where does IHOP get off? I mean, ladies can cook a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity as well as any man.

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