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Kevin interviews that he wants the win more than anyone else there, because he doesn't already have his own restaurant. I don't know that it's true, but isn't is pretty to think so? Kevin made grilled New York strip with bacon-jalapeno marmalade and corn puree with crispy Vidalia onions. Tom thinks the meat is cooked well, and well-seasoned. Vicki points out that there's no way you could maintain the crispiness of the onions. Good point. That will probably matter, right? Since that's the point of the competition?

Tiffany serves her pan-seared Alaskan halibut with coconut curry, snow pea shoots, and jasmine rice. Ripert isn't that excited about the various components, and doesn't see the connection or what elevates the halibut. Seems like the mussels would have helped there. Bourdain really likes the fish sauce, though.

Angelo gives last-minute plating instructions to the serves and then serves his food: ginger-lacquered short rib with the side dish of the season, pea puree, and horseradish crème fraiche. Buzz liked the flavor, and loved the pickled mushrooms, but thinks it might be difficult to reproduce in space. Tom liked the food, but thought the candied ginger was too sweet. Ripert thought the whole thing was too acidic, and Bourdain jokes that he's all about sweetness and light (which if you know anything about him, you know isn't true) as he says that he thought the dish was very sophisticated. Look at Bourdain, loving everything! The food must be really good this week.

Angelo sits in the kitchen and worries about his dish. He says that he "put [his] heart on the plate," which sounds kind of gross. I don't want to eat Angelo's heart. Gamy.

Weird interstitial is even more weird this week, because usually it's like an outtake. This week, we just see the cheftestants eating one another's food and talking about how much they want to make it to Singapore. BOOOO-RING!

Judges' Table. Tom opens by telling them that the food was amazing and the difference between the winner and loser is really small. That would be more scary, I think, because what you say and how you defend your dish could make a difference. If the food totally sucked, what you say doesn't matter, because you're going home. But if all the food was good, it seems like it could come down to what you say at Judges' Table, which would freak me out.

Ed starts by saying he tried to give the astronauts what they asked for, spicy food, even if they might not be familiar with Moroccan cuisine, specifically. Bourdain says that he had a lot of things going on with his plate, but he pulled it off. Ripert disagrees, and thought the dish was too complicated, but he recognizes Ed's talent. Tom concludes by saying you can get away with a lot of components if they're all done well, and Ed's food was done well.

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