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Nina is sad because her other Gossip Girl, Travis, has been eliminated. She’s just too good of a chef, I guess. All the chefs are highly aware of their dwindling numbers. No one can hide in the crowd anymore.

The chefs walk into the kitchen the next day to be greeted by Padma and Questlove of The Roots. Questlove is a restaurateur, but I think since this taped his restaurant has closed. You win some, you lose some, you plug some on Top Chef and get egg on your face. That’s the restaurant game. But people with fewer qualifications have been on this show. I’m looking at you, Lea Michele, lover of cheese.

Padma says that Questlove is on a "quest" for the food he loves most, and then a drum line comes through with a cart of drumsticks. (Jesus Christ, quit ramming the idea down our throats.) The chefs will have 30 minutes to prepare a drumstick dish using a variety of drumsticks in limited quantities.

Padma starts the clock and the chefs crash into the drumstick cart (which is on wheels that are not locked.) Raw poultry legs go flying. Stephanie ends up with the turkey legs, which Justin thought would be too large to cook in 30 minutes. She’s serving them up Disney villain-style, so that one could hopefully stick the whole thing in their mouth and suck the meat clean off the bone. That’s what I have in my head, anyway. She also calls it Fred Flintstone-style.

Nina got game hen and is making a spicy salsa mix. Carrie gets squab, and I’m not entirely sure I know what that is. Nicholas has quail and is making little lollipops. Justin got chicken, the only drumstick nature intended, so he’s creating drumettes. Shirley’s duck legs are cooking faster than she expected. Brian is making a chicken stew and it’s certainly a risk. Stephanie’s drumstick catches on fire, which seems right. Carlos is cooking his goose. Could this be foreshadowing?

Carrie is first to present her dish, which is a marinated squab that Questlove is "not mad at." Brian’s chicken soup and cracklins are under scrutiny next, followed by Shirley’s crispy duck leg and Nina’s jerked guinea hen. Stephanie’s turkey leg, looking all crazy and big on the plate is next, then Nicholas’s twice-fried quail eggs. Boy, those lollipops look stupid and Nicholas knows it. Justin serves his drumettes with smoked aioli, and Carlos’s goose has a bone shard in it. So, sucks to be Carlos.

Questlove’s least favorite dishes are Nicholas’s quail lollipop, Justin’ drumettes, and Carlos’s boney goose. Carrie’s squab goes over surprisingly well, as do Nina’s game hens. Brian’s chicken soup is also on top, because he is the King of the Quick Fire. But Carrie pulls out the win this time and has earned immunity.

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