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The judges do their usual thing of discussing everyone, but since we can't tell what they are really thinking, I'm glossing over it. However, Ted does note that Dave needs to get his emotions under control: "I don't see how you can possibly get anything accomplished when you're freaking out about your feelings -- we don't care about your personal problems, it's about the food." In the middle of that, we cut to Dave's red polar-bear crying face.

After the commercial break, the bottom three are brought back in front of the judges and reminded why they are the three worst that night. Andrea is sent home. She thanks them. Miguel reaches across the table and says, "I am sad to see you go, really -- you truly have been a real friend here. Thank you." That was classy. In the back room, Andrea says goodbye. Harold hugs her. Lee Anne says, "Baby, I'm so glad you got to come back," and hugs her. Lee Anne tells us, "We were all sad to see her go, I've never met a person more passionate about how to eat right. I think she's going to change a lot of lives." Tiffani tells us, "We're all here for different reasons -- not everyone's here to win, some people are here for the impact they make in other people's lives." Andrea tells us that she really had a good time and that working in the kitchens has solidified her desire to continue to do what she does. She's going back to her clients to create healthy recipes because she's great at it. Memo to the New York sewer system: brace yourself.

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