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Using Colicchio's presence, which was rather cagey of the bitch, Tiffani suggests that Stephen do the dessert course since he has immunity and can't be ousted. Stephen gazes at her with deer-in-headlight eyes. There's a yeasted pause. Colicchio stares at something or someone, and we go to commercial on that soap-opera-ish edit. After the break, Dave recaps the scene for us. Tiffani has asked Stephen the Big Question, and she makes a point of proudly telling us, "And Tom Colicchio was standing right there." Stephen agrees to do the dessert, because what else could he do, really? Of course, Stephen can't just do something without pompous comment, so he says, "I like to start the meal or end the meal and ending the meal is just find with me." In black and white, on the page, it doesn't seem very pompous, but it was all in his tone, which, trust me, was fish-hookable. "It was perfect, the way the timing worked out," Tiffani gloats to us, "so he really didn't have a choice but to do it." Colicchio leaves, not having really done anything. They all talk about what dishes they want to do. Miguel's on the cold appetizer; Dave's on soup; Andrea will do fish; Tiffani offers duck and gnocchi; Harold bids for the meat; Lee Anne's on pre-dessert; and Stephen has dessert. Lee Anne is optimistic that things will go well the next day.

Back at home on Baker Street, the cheftestants grill out with some prominently placed Kingsford starter fluid and KC Masterpiece. Seriously, why? What is up with Top Chef and the barbeque sauce? Bobby Flay and the barbeque sauce I could understand, but this incessant, apropos-of-nothing plugging I simply don't get. While eating, the cheftestants plan out their shopping day. Stephen hops on the AOL-sponsored Internet and AOLs (that doesn't work quite as well as "Googles," does it?) for "Ted Allen 'the food you want to eat.'" "Even though I had immunity, I still wanted to go way over what was expected of me, expecially as I'm not a pastry chef, so I went onto AOL to kinda gather some recipes to kind of set myself up for success," Stephen tells us.

Next day. The cheftestants are back at Bryan's -- which is really near where that SUV psycho intentionally plowed down nineteen pedestrians last week -- to shop for their individual dishes. Lee Anne reminds us that she had the sixth course, and she's going to be making a "lovely duo of Fourme de Ambert blue cheese and beet sorbet." Oh, Lee Anne. First the colossal screw up on spiedini, and now this? I'll start by saying that Fourme d'Ambert is, hands down, my favorite blue cheese in the world. From the Auvergne region of France, this slightly pressed cow's-milk blue is delicate, melty, spicy, and thoroughly satisfying. It's one of the more ancient cheeses, created long before Stilton, and it's my chocolate of cheese. I refuse to eat Fourme d'Ambert with or on anything -- I just slip it naked on my tongue and let it drive my senses crazy. When we first started getting Fourme d'Ambert in, we had sporadic shipments from France, so we used to hide it in the walk-in and only bring it out when people specifically asked for it. It was the cheesemonger's delight. ANYWAY, it just breaks my heart that Lee Anne pronounces it "Fourme DE Ambert." I mean, she worked/works at the French Culinary Institute -- can't she learn how to, you know, pronounce French words? I wouldn't mention it except that the name of the cheese is said many times in this ep and MANY times it is incorrect and it DRIVES ME NUTS because the cheese really deserves better. It's like "crayp" versus "crehp" when talking of "crêpes." One is correct and the other is awful. On to Andrea, who is doing a pan-seared John Dory. She loves fish. Harold gets behind the meat counter to cut up his own beef. So manly of him. Miguel is doing smoked scallops and caviar on a potato latke. He tells us he's happy to be "setting the tone for everyone else" and doesn't plan on relying on anyone else this time around.

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