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In the kitchen, Stephen explains his dish to Harold. Harold tells us, "Stephen's got all these ambitious ingredients. He's got saffron, he's got black tea, he's got five spices, he's got chocolate-covered ginger, and I'm just like, 'Dude, what the fuck? I don't cook like this.'" Harold says they have to use the same ingredients that the original cheftestant planned for the course, "so, I'm looking at him like, 'You fucking hosed me.'" That's not exactly fair. Stephen didn't plan his dish knowing that Harold or someone else would have to execute it. I mean, it's Stephen; he wouldn't be happy unless he planned a dish that included most of the weirdest and rarest combinations available to (pretentious) man. It's like Vincent and his hats for the criminally insane. You just gotta expect that from him. Stephen tells us that he's wasn't willing to let Harold go down, so they decided to team up. "We worked side-by-side," Stephen says. See? Now Stephen's on Team Cool. We see most of the cheftestants counseling each other on the dishes. Andrea is upset that she has to get her aura greasy with fried latkes: "I'm great at making healthy food taste delicious -- this is not my scene!" Tiffani is very comfortable doing Harold's meat. Shut up, Tiffani. Miguel stirs the base for the beet sorbet and suddenly and tragically announces that he "did a real doozy." He mistook salt for sugar and put the salt in the sorbet without tasting it. Miguel blathers that he's "fucking in the weeds" and he's glad he's the sixth course and he ruined the sorbet and there's nothing he can do. Wah.

After the commercial break, Miguel goes on that he's done and all he's going to do is focus on helping Andrea and to hell with his dish. Andrea encouragingly tells Miguel that they can still do a cheese course. Colicchio comes in to rattle a few cages. He asks after Harold's dessert: "Is Stephen bailing you out?" "Fuck if I know," Harold grins, whisking furiously. "He says it's fine," Colicchio smiles. "Yeah, I'm glad he's confident," Harold laughs. Aw, Harold is so cute when he's not being such a crabpot. Colicchio asks Miguel how things are going. They aren't. Colicchio wants to know what cheese Miguel has on the plate. "I believe it's Camembert in the end," Miguel answers vaguely. "It's Fourme DE Ambert," Lee Anne shouts. "Oh, Fourme d'Ambert," Colicchio says correctly, "calling it Camembert isn't quite the same thing." "No," Miguel agrees. Colicchio leaves.

Andrea tells us that Miguel was so frazzled by his salty sorbet that he needed to make sure something of his went out with success, so he was concentrating on helping her: "You know, this is his world, this is what he wants to do, so I'm just going to cook the little latkes and then he can do the rest." Oh, so not a good move, Andrea! But then, I don't think she really cares about winning at all. I think she made her peace with her first ousting -- and who knows, maybe she can't actually win if she was already booted once -- and she's just back to have fun. Tiffani tells us, "You know, it is a cooking competition, and I don't think Andrea's playing it particularly well right now." Ted, Gail, and the Katie Leebot arrive at the restaurant.

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