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Kitchen montage. Ted talks to some of the guests: Thomas McNamee (author of several things, but most notably the soon-to-be-published Alice: The Life, Times, and Vision of Alice Waters and Chez Panisse) is there, as is Laura Werlin, cheese expert and cookbook author. Everyone is at the table, and someone proposes a Ted Toast. The camera pans over to a very dour-looking Andrew McCormack, the owner of Frisson. Oh, Lord. Maybe he's annoyed because Stephen comes out to say that he's going to sabre a bottle of Champagne, explaining, "This is something Napoleon used to do to celebrate his battles." I don't care how many noddies they have of people grinning, I don't think one single food person in that room is impressed by this idea. Stephen strokes the bottle lightly with a knife -- WHERE'S THE SABRE, DUDE?! -- and knocks off the cork. Andrea cheers and plates the first course. The room applauds. I yawn. And drink. Andrea and Miguel bring out the first dish of smoked scallops and caviar on a latke. People dig in. Ted asks Colicchio if the latkes should be warm or if they are okay at room temperature. Colicchio says that the potatoes are cold and "this doesn't help." By "this," I assume he means because it was a cold appetizer. Seriously, why would you choose to make latkes for a cold appetizer?

In the kitchen, Harold and Stephen prepare to serve the second course of soup. They pour cream-colored soup into shot glasses, and Harold says they make a "fucking good team" and thinks they could "open a fucking restaurant together." Stephen squeaks, "Hell, yeah." Still on Team Cool. Harold explains that he was the one who actually cooked Stephen's course because he knew they were working together on the dessert. He was fine with that arrangement. That's why you're the Top Chef, Harold. Dave is very peeved by this arrangement, but he can't be too upset, because I don't see any tears or snot. Harold and Stephen serve the roasted chanterelle soup topped with thyme-infused cream. The Katie Leebot asks loudly, "Stephen, is this your dish or Harold's dish?" Stephen explains how they are working as a team (Team Cool) on both courses. Ted asks for Colicchio's reaction on the soup. Colicchio shrugs that he thought it was good. Stephen is proud of Team Cool.

From the kitchen, Dave tells us that he just wanted to get his course served as quickly as possible to maintain the integrity of the dish. Out in the dining room, he throws out his arms and begins, "What we have, Ted --" Colicchio interrupts and says that Dave can serve first and do his spiel second. "OhcanIohcoolthanks!" Dave breathes, and rushes out. Once Dave's course is served, Ted asks him, "Are you calm?" Dave says it's as calm as he gets, and then explains that he poached his John Dory. He then pauses and tells everyone in the dining room that he was "all, 'Shit!'" when he heard about the twist. Everyone laughs. Except Colicchio. "I'm like, and I don't even have some wine to drink to boot!" Dave plays up. Ted pleads with an unflappable Colicchio to give Dave some wine. Dave is given some wine. That doesn't stop Colicchio from later noting, "The pepper's raw, the skin's on [the fish], the carrots are bland." Now no one can enjoy their dish!

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