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In the kitchen, Dave offers Lee Anne some of his wine as she finishes her dish. Lee Anne tells us that pasta is not her strong point. She serves her fig-stuffed gnocchi with duck confit in a leek puree, seared duck breast with a fig and balsamic jam, surrounded by natural jus and watercress. Good and real duck confit usually takes at least twenty-four hours to make, sometimes even forty-eight -- maybe she went to Boulette's Larder in the Ferry Building. I fucking LOVE that mis en place. Ted wonders how one would stuff fig in a gnocchi. I wonder that as well. People love the dish and think it's the best yet. Colicchio calmly agrees, "It is good."

Back in the kitchen, Tiffani slices meat and postures for the cameras, saying, "There's never a situation in a restaurant where you can just say, 'Oh, I just don't know that station, I can't work it.' What you can do is jump in and do your best." Tiffani serves her "Sirloin a la Harold." It's roasted prime beef with chard and a foie gras and onion jam. In the dining room, Tiffani has annoying banter that is trying to be disarming and humble, but I know better so I'm not buying it. The guests like the dish. By the way, on the Bravo site, they took the image of Lee Anne's duck and gnocchi and said it was this sirloin dish, which is totally wrong. Thought you might want to know.

In the kitchen, Lee Anne helps Miguel with his course. As he plates, Miguel once again asks the name of the cheese. "Fourme DE Ambert," Lee Anne tells him. "Fourme DE Ambert," Miguel repeats. He tells the cameras that he played on an old concept of a beet and blue cheese salad, but he isn't happy with his product. Out in the dining room, Miguel explains his dish: "I'd like to present my play on cheese and crackers and a classic beet salad. Here we have a, ah, classic French cheese." He cranes his neck to the kitchen: "I forgot the name." "Fourme d'Ambert?" Colicchio asks from his semi-lounging position. Miguel "yes, chef, thank you, chef"s him. So, he has a small wedge of cheese and a cracker on each dish, but then there's a pickled beet salad with watercress and Fourme d'Ambert foam. Some liked the dish, loved the crackers, and others thought the cheese overwhelmed the beets.

Harold tells us that as his course came up, he was nervous, because Stephen had been out running around between courses, doing his wine-pairing thing and not necessarily helping him out. Harold serves his dessert trio of black tea-infused milk chocolate soup, white chocolate semi-freddo (SOUPSPOON!), and warm flourless cake. Some think the whole thing was too rich, while others liked the cake. Ted thinks everyone really stepped up to the challenge. All the chefs are called into the dining room, where they are applauded. Ted covers them with all sorts of general compliments and raises his glass to them. Dismissively, the Katie Leebot tells them they will call them back for the Judges' Table.

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